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StereoPi OpenCV depth map examples
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StereoPi tutorial scripts

Set of Disparity Map tutorial scripts for StereoPi board with CM3/3+ inside.

Brief tutorial: our post on Medium

Was tested in the following environment:

Ready-to-use Raspbian Image:

Download link 1 (Yandex Disk)

Download Link 2 (Google Drive)

Brief scripts description:

Press 'Q' key in any script for exit, as we added key stroke processing. Do not kill it by Ctrl+C :) - starts camera preview, save captured image if 'Q' button pressed.

Video: - takes a series of photos for stereopair calibration, shows countdown timer. You need a printed chessboard with 9x6 parameters (file "pattern.png" included).

Video: - just cuts all captured photos to left and right images.

Video: - calibrate StereoPi cameas setup using pairs from script 4.

Video: - script for fine tune of disparity map settings.

Video: - builds disparity map in real time.


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