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Realize Build Status

This is a minimal and work-in-progress version of Realize. Realize enables you to pull in and analyze data about your life.

Cross-platform quickstart

The easiest way to get started is with a Vagrant virtual machine:

First, install VirtualBox.

Next, install Vagrant.

Then type:

git clone
cd realize-core
vagrant up

This should take 15-20 minutes to download and install dependencies on newer machines.

Once everything finishes, visiting in your browser will show Realize. Please see the documentation for more information.

Full UI

The full UI is in the realize-ui-angular repo. A built version of the UI is included in this repo. In order to update the UI:

cd realize-core
git clone
python syncjs -p realize-ui-angular/

You may need to use sudo for the last command if you get errors about grunt not being found.

Visiting will now show you the realize UI instead of the index page.

Browsable API

The easiest way to get started with the API is the browsable version. Visit!/spec.json to check it out.

Admin Dashboard

An admin dashboard is available at /admin. You can use it to edit and create different models, such as Users. Only admins can access this dashboard. See the documentation for how to make a user an admin.

Full Documentation

Full documentation can be found at


Contributions are very welcome. If you want to contribute to the core, please fork and make a pull request. We will review as soon as we can. Plugins can and should be hosted in their own repositories.


You can find us at #realize on freenode IRC. You can also email us at

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