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@jpsim jpsim released this Apr 8, 2018 · 1101 commits to master since this release

This is the last release to support building with Swift 3.2 and Swift 3.3.
The next release will require Swift 4.0 or higher to build.


  • None.


  • Add LowerACLThanParent rule.
    Keith Smiley

  • Add UIOffsetMake to legacy_constructor rule.
    Nealon Young

  • Add a new excluded config parameter to the explicit_type_interface rule
    to exempt certain types of variables from the rule.
    Rounak Jain

  • Add empty_string opt-in rule to validate against comparing strings to ""
    instead of using .isEmpty.
    Davide Sibilio

  • Add untyped_error_in_catch opt-in rule to warn against declaring errors
    without an explicit type in catch statements instead of using the implicit
    error variable.
    Daniel Metzing

  • Add all keyword for use in disable / enable statement:
    // swiftlint:disable all.
    It allows disabling SwiftLint entirely, in-code, for a particular section.

  • Adds --force-exclude option to lint and autocorrect commands, which will
    force SwiftLint to exclude files specified in the config excluded even if
    they are explicitly specified with --path.
    Ash Furrow

  • Adds discouraged_optional_collection opt-in rule to encourage the use of
    empty collections instead of optional collections.
    Ornithologist Coder

  • Add 4.1.0, 4.1.1 and 4.2.0 to Swift version detection.
    Norio Nomura

  • Support building with Swift 4.1.
    Norio Nomura

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue with the yoda_condition rule where the severity would always
    display as a warning, and the reason would display as the severity type.

  • Fix TODOs lint message to state that TODOs should be resolved instead of
    Adonis Peralta

  • Fix some cases where colon rule wouldn't autocorrect dictionary literals.
    Marcelo Fabri

  • Fix linux crash on sources with surrogate pair emojis as variable names.
    Cyril Lashkevich

  • Make legacy_constructor rule more reliable, especially for autocorrecting.
    Marcelo Fabri

  • Fix colon rule autocorrect when preprocessor macros are present.
    Marcelo Fabri

  • Fix crash when saving cache if there're entries referring to the same path
    but with different capitalization.
    Marcelo Fabri

  • Fix several rules (empty_enum_arguments, explicit_init
    empty_parentheses_with_trailing_closure, joined_default_parameter,
    redundant_optional_initialization, redundant_void_return and
    unused_closure_parameter) rules autocorrection inside functions or other
    Marcelo Fabri

  • Fix redundant_void_return rule autocorrect when preprocessor macros are
    John Szumski

  • Fix issue where the autocorrect done message used the plural form of "files"
    even if only 1 file changed.
    John Szumski

  • Fix false positives in attributes rule when using Swift 4.1.
    Marcelo Fabri

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