@jpsim jpsim released this Dec 24, 2018 · 194 commits to master since this release


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  • Add new opt-in rule vertical_whitespace_opening_braces to warn against empty
    lines after opening braces.
    Cihat Gündüz

  • Add new opt-in rule vertical_whitespace_closing_braces to warn against empty
    lines before closing braces.
    Cihat Gündüz

  • Improve performance for unused_private_declaration and unused_import rules
    for large files.
    Niil Öhlin

  • Add new legacy_hashing rule to encourage the use of Swift 4.2's new hashing
    Kim de Vos

  • Improve private_unit_test rule to allow private classes with @objc
    Kim de Vos

  • Support glob patterns without the star.
    Maksym Grebenets

  • Make modifier_order rule autocorrectable.
    Timofey Solonin

Bug Fixes

  • Fix false positives in redundant_objc_attribute for private declarations
    under @objcMembers.
    Daniel Metzing

  • Fix an error when pulling SwiftLint as a dependency using Carthage.
    JP Simard

  • Non-string values specified in swiftlint_version now fail the lint if
    it doesn't match the version.
    JP Simard

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