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@marcelofabri marcelofabri released this Jan 23, 2019 · 121 commits to master since this release


  • None.


  • Silence CodingKeys violations in unused_private_declaration since these
    should always be intentional violations.
    Kim de Vos


  • Add nslocalizedstring_key opt-in rule to validate that keys used in
    NSLocalizedString calls are static strings, so genstrings will be
    able to find them.
    Marcelo Fabri

Bug Fixes

  • Fix false positives on trailing_closure rule when using anonymous closure
    Marcelo Fabri

  • Fix false positives on array_init rule when using prefix operators.
    Marcelo Fabri

  • Exclude files defined in the excluded value of SwiftLint's configuration
    when --use-script-input-files and --force-exclude are specified.
    Luis Valdés

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