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Object Server API Changes

  • Realm Sync v1.0.0 has been released, and Realm Mobile Platform is no longer considered in beta.
  • Breaking change: Location of Realm files are now placed in getFilesDir()/<userIdentifier> instead of getFilesDir()/. This is done in order to support shared Realms among users, while each user retaining their own local copy.
  • Breaking change: SyncUser.all() now returns Map instead of List.
  • Breaking change: Added a default UserStore saving users in a Realm file (RealmFileUserStore).
  • Breaking change: Added multi-user support to UserStore. Added get(String) and remove(String), removed remove() and renamed get() to getCurrent().
  • Breaking change: Changed the order of arguments to SyncCredentials.custom() to match iOS: token, provider, userInfo.
  • Added support for PermissionOffer and PermissionOfferResponse to SyncUser.getManagementRealm().
  • Exceptions thrown in error handlers are ignored but logged (#3559).
  • Removed unused public constants in SyncConfiguration (#4047).
  • Fixed bug, preventing Sync client to renew the access token (#4038) (#4039).
  • Now SyncUser.logout() properly revokes tokens (#3639).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed native memory leak setting the value of a primary key (#3993).
  • Activated Realm's annotation processor on connectedTest when the project is using kapt (#4008).
  • Fixed "too many open files" issue (#4002).
  • Added temporary work-around for bug crashing Samsung Tab 3 devices on startup (#3651).


  • Added like predicate for String fields (#3752).


  • Updated to Realm Sync v1.0.0.
  • Added a Realm backup when receiving a Sync client reset message from the server.


Object Server API Changes (In Beta)

Bug fixes

  • "operation not permitted" issue when creating Realm file on some devices' external storage (#3629).
  • Crash on API 10 devices (#3726).
  • UnsatisfiedLinkError caused by pipe2 (#3945).
  • Unrecoverable error with message "Try again" when the notification fifo is full (#3964).
  • Realm migration wasn't triggered when the primary key definition was altered (#3966).
  • Use phantom reference to solve the finalize time out issue (#2496).


  • All major public classes are now non-final. This is mostly a compromise to support Mockito. All protected fields/methods are still not considered part of the public API and can change without notice (#3869).
  • All Realm instances share a single notification daemon thread.
  • Fixed Java lint warnings with generated proxy classes (#2929).


  • Upgraded Realm Core to 2.3.0.
  • Upgraded Realm Sync to 1.0.0-BETA-6.5.


Object Server API Changes (In Beta)

  • Fixed SyncConfiguration.toString() so it now outputs a correct description instead of an empty string (#3787).

Bug fixes

  • Added version number to the native library, preventing ReLinker from accidentally loading old code (#3775).
  • Realm.getLocalInstanceCount(config) throwing NullPointerException if called after all Realms have been closed (#3791).


Object Server API Changes (In Beta)

  • Added support for SyncUser.getManagementRealm() and permission changes.

Bug fixes

  • Kotlin projects no longer create the RealmDefaultModule if no Realm model classes are present (#3746).
  • Remove includedescriptorclasses option from ProGuard rule file in order to support built-in shrinker of Android Gradle Plugin (#3714).
  • Unexpected RealmMigrationNeededException was thrown when a field was added to synced Realm.


  • Added support for the annotationProcessor configuration provided by Android Gradle Plugin 2.2.0 or later. Realm plugin adds its annotation processor to the annotationProcessor configuration instead of apt configuration if it is available and the plugin is not used. In Kotlin projects, kapt is used instead of the annotationProcessor configuration (#3026).


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Realm.insert and Realm.insertOrUpdate methods causing a StackOverFlow when you try to insert a cyclic graph of objects between Realms (#3732).

Object Server API Changes (In Beta)

  • Set default RxFactory to SyncConfiguration.

Bug fixes

  • ProGuard configuration introduced in 2.1.0 unexpectedly kept classes that did not have the @KeepMember annotation (#3689).


Breaking changes

Object Server API Changes (In Beta)

  • Renamed User to SyncUser, Credentials to SyncCredentials and Session to SyncSession to align names with Cocoa.
  • Removed SyncManager.setLogLevel(). Use RealmLog.setLevel() instead.
  • SyncUser.logout() now correctly clears SyncUser.currentUser() (#3638).
  • Missing ProGuard configuration for libraries used by Sync extension (#3596).
  • Error handler was not called when sync session failed (#3597).
  • Added User.all() that returns all known Realm Object Server users.
  • Upgraded Realm Sync to 1.0.0-BETA-3.2


  • Logger. Use RealmLogger instead.
  • AndroidLogger. The logger for Android is implemented in native code instead.

Bug fixes

  • The following were not kept by ProGuard: names of native methods not in the io.realm.internal package, names of classes used in method signature (#3596).
  • Permission error when a database file was located on external storage (#3140).
  • Memory leak when unsubscribing from a RealmResults/RealmObject RxJava Observable (#3552).


  • Realm.compactRealm() now works for encrypted Realms.
  • Added first(E defaultValue) and last(E defaultValue) methods to RealmList and RealmResult. These methods will return the provided object instead of throwing an IndexOutOfBoundsException if the list is empty.
  • Reduce transformer logger verbosity (#3608).
  • RealmLog.setLevel(int) for setting the log level across all loggers.


  • Upgraded Realm Core to 2.1.3


  • Thanks to Max Furman (@maxfurman) for adding support for first() and last() default values.


This release is not protocol-compatible with previous versions of the Realm Mobile Platform. The base library is still fully compatible.

Bug fixes

  • Build error when using Java 7 (#3563).


  • Upgraded Realm Core to 2.1.0
  • Upgraded Realm Sync to 1.0.0-BETA-2.0.


Bug fixes

  • broadcast caused RuntimeException if sync extension was disabled (#3505).
  • was not delivered on Android 7 devices.
  • distinctAsync did not respect other query parameters (#3537).
  • ConcurrentModificationException from Gradle when building an application (#3501).


  • Upgraded to Realm Core 2.0.1 / Realm Sync 1.3-BETA


This release introduces support for the Realm Mobile Platform! See for an overview of these great new features.

Breaking Changes

  • Files written by Realm 2.0 cannot be read by 1.x or earlier versions. Old files can still be opened.
  • It is now required to call Realm.init(Context) before calling any other Realm API.
  • Removed RealmConfiguration.Builder(Context), RealmConfiguration.Builder(Context, File) and RealmConfiguration.Builder(File) constructors.
  • isValid() now always returns true instead of false for unmanaged RealmObject and RealmList. This puts it in line with the behaviour of the Cocoa and .NET API's (#3101).
  • armeabi is not supported anymore.
  • Added new RealmFileException.
    • IncompatibleLockFileException has been removed and replaced by RealmFileException with kind INCOMPATIBLE_LOCK_FILE.
    • RealmIOExcpetion has been removed and replaced by RealmFileException.
  • RealmConfiguration.Builder.assetFile(Context, String) has been renamed to RealmConfiguration.Builder.assetFile(String).
  • Object with primary key is now required to define it when the object is created. This means that Realm.createObject(Class<E>) and DynamicRealm.createObject(String) now throws RealmException if they are used to create an object with a primary key field. Use Realm.createObject(Class<E>, Object) or DynamicRealm.createObject(String, Object) instead.
  • Importing from JSON without the primary key field defined in the JSON object now throws IllegalArgumentException.
  • Now Realm.beginTransaction(), Realm.executeTransaction() and Realm.waitForChange() throw RealmMigrationNeededException if a remote process introduces incompatible schema changes (#3409).
  • The primary key value of an object can no longer be changed after the object was created. Instead a new object must be created and all fields copied over.
  • Now Realm.createObject(Class) and Realm.createObject(Class,Object) take the values from the model's fields and default constructor. Creating objects through the DynamicRealm does not use these values (#777).
  • When Realm.create*FromJson()s create a new RealmObject, now they take the default values defined by the field itself and its default constructor for those fields that are not defined in the JSON object.


  • Added realmObject.isManaged(), RealmObject.isManaged(obj) and RealmCollection.isManaged() (#3101).
  • Added
  • RealmLog has been moved to the public API. It is now possible to control which events Realm emit to Logcat. See the RealmLog class for more details.
  • Typed RealmObjects can now continue to access their fields properly even though the schema was changed while the Realm was open (#3409).
  • A RealmMigrationNeededException will be thrown with a cause to show the detailed message when a migration is needed and the migration block is not in the RealmConfiguration.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a lint error in proxy classes when the 'minSdkVersion' of user's project is smaller than 11 (#3356).
  • Fixed a potential crash when there were lots of async queries waiting in the queue.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Realm Transformer to not transform field access in the model's constructors (#3361).
  • Fixed a bug causing a build failure when the Realm Transformer adds accessors to a model class that was already transformed in other project (#3469).
  • Fixed a bug causing the NullPointerException when calling getters/setters in the model's constructors (#2536).


  • Moved JNI build to CMake.
  • Updated Realm Core to 2.0.0.
  • Updated ReLinker to 1.2.2.


Bug fixes

  • Throw a proper exception when operating on a non-existing field with the dynamic API (#3292).
  • DynamicRealmObject.setList should only accept RealmList<DynamicRealmObject> (#3280).
  • DynamicRealmObject.getX(fieldName) now throws a proper exception instead of a native crash when called with a field name of the wrong type (#3294).
  • Fixed a concurrency crash which might happen when Realm.executeTransactionAsync() tried to call onSucess after the Realm was closed.


  • Added for a comparison against multiple values.
  • Added byte array (byte[]) support to RealmQuery's equalTo and notEqualTo methods.
  • Optimized internal caching of schema classes (#3315).


  • Updated Realm Core to 1.5.1.
  • Improved sorting speed.
  • Completely removed the OptionalAPITransformer.


  • Thanks to Brenden Kromhout (@bkromhout) for adding binary array support to equalTo and notEqualTo.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a wrong JNI method declaration which might cause "method not found" crash on some devices.
  • Fixed a bug that Error in the background async thread is not forwarded to the caller thread.
  • Fixed a crash when an empty Collection is passed to insert()/insertOrUpdate() (#3103).
  • Fixed a bug that does not transfer the primary key when RealmSchemaObject.setClassName() is called to rename a class (#3118).
  • Fixed bug in Realm.insert and Realm.insertOrUpdate methods causing a RealmList to be cleared when inserting a managed RealmModel (#3105).
  • Fixed a concurrency allocation bug in storage engine which might lead to some random crashes.
  • Bulk insertion now throws if it is not called in a transaction (#3173).
  • The IllegalStateException thrown when accessing an empty RealmObject is now more meaningful (#3200).
  • insert() now correctly throws an exception if two different objects have the same primary key (#3212).
  • Blackberry Z10 throwing "Function not implemented" (#3178).
  • Reduced the number of file descriptors used by Realm Core (#3197).
  • Throw a proper IllegalStateException if a RealmChangeListener is used inside an IntentService (#2875).


  • The Realm Annotation processor no longer consumes the Realm annotations. Allowing other annotation processors to run.


  • Updated Realm Core to 1.4.2.
  • Improved sorting speed.


Bug fixes

  • A number of bug fixes in the storage engine related to memory management in rare cases when a Realm has been compacted.
  • Disabled the optional API transformer since it has problems with DexGuard (#3022).
  • OnSuccess.OnSuccess() might not be called with the correct Realm version for async transaction (#1893).
  • Fixed a bug in copyToRealm() causing a cyclic dependency objects being duplicated.
  • Fixed a build failure when model class has a conflicting name such as Map, List, String, ... (#3077).


  • Added insert(RealmModel obj), insertOrUpdate(RealmModel obj), insert(Collection<RealmModel> collection) and insertOrUpdate(Collection<RealmModel> collection) to perform batch inserts (#1684).
  • Enhanced Table.toString() to show a PrimaryKey field details (#2903).
  • Enabled ReLinker when loading a Realm from a custom path by adding a RealmConfiguration.Builder(Context, File) constructor (#2900).
  • Changed targetSdkVersion of realm-library to 24.
  • Logs warning if DynamicRealm is not closed when GC happens as it does for Realm.


  • RealmConfiguration.Builder(File). Use RealmConfiguration.Builder(Context, File) instead.


  • Updated Realm Core to 1.2.0.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash when calling Table.toString() in debugger (#2429).
  • Fixed a race condition which would cause some RealmResults to not be properly updated inside a RealmChangeListener. This could result in crashes when accessing items from those results (#2926/#2951).
  • Revised RealmResults.isLoaded() description (#2895).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Realm to lose track of primary key when using RealmObjectSchema.removeField() and RealmObjectSchema.renameField() (#2829/#2926).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some devices from finding async related JNI methods correctly.
  • Updated ProGuard configuration in order not to depend on Android's default configuration (#2972).
  • Fixed a race condition between Realms notifications and other UI events. This could e.g. cause ListView to crash (#2990).
  • Fixed a bug that allowed both RealmConfiguration.Builder.assetFile()/deleteRealmIfMigrationNeeded() to be configured at the same time, which leads to the asset file accidentally being deleted in migrations (#2933).
  • Realm crashed outright when the same Realm file was opened in two processes. Realm will now optimistically retry opening for 1 second before throwing an Error (#2459).


  • Removes RxJava related APIs during bytecode transforming to make RealmObject plays well with reflection when rx.Observable doesn't exist.


No changes since 0.91.1.


  • Updated Realm Core to 1.0.1.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug when opening a Realm causes a staled memory mapping. Symptoms are error messages like "Bad or incompatible history type", "File format version doesn't match", and "Encrypted interprocess sharing is currently unsupported".


  • Updated Realm Core to 1.0.0.

Breaking changes

  • Removed all @Deprecated methods.
  • Calling Realm.setAutoRefresh() or DynamicRealm.setAutoRefresh() from non-Looper thread throws IllegalStateException even if the autoRefresh is false (#2820).

Bug fixes

  • Calling RealmResults.deleteAllFromRealm() might lead to native crash (#2759).
  • The annotation processor now correctly reports an error if trying to reference interfaces in model classes (#2808).
  • Added null check to addChangeListener and removeChangeListener in Realm and DynamicRealm (#2772).
  • Calling RealmObjectSchema.addPrimaryKey() adds an index to the primary key field, and calling RealmObjectSchema.removePrimaryKey() removes the index from the field (#2832).
  • Log files are not deleted when calling Realm.deleteRealm() (#2834).


  • Upgrading to OpenSSL 1.0.1t. From July 11, 2016, Google Play only accept apps using OpenSSL 1.0.1r or later (, #2749).
  • Added support for automatically copying an initial database from assets using RealmConfiguration.Builder.assetFile().
  • Better error messages when certain file operations fail.


  • Paweł Surówka (@thesurix) for adding the RealmConfiguration.Builder.assetFile().


  • Updated Realm Core to 0.100.2.

Bug fixes

  • Opening a Realm while closing a Realm in another thread could lead to a race condition.
  • Automatic migration to the new file format could in rare circumstances lead to a crash.
  • Fixing a race condition that may occur when using Async API (#2724).
  • Fixed CannotCompileException when related class definition in android.jar cannot be found (#2703).


  • Prints path when file related exceptions are thrown.


  • Updated Realm Core to 0.100.0.

Breaking changes

  • RealmChangeListener provides the changed object/Realm/collection as well (#1594).
  • All JSON methods on Realm now only wraps JSONException in RealmException. All other Exceptions are thrown as they are.
  • Marked all methods on RealmObject and all public classes final (#1594).
  • Removed BaseRealm from the public API.
  • Removed HandlerController from the public API.
  • Removed constructor of RealmAsyncTask from the public API (#1594).
  • RealmBaseAdapter has been moved to its own GitHub repository: See for further info on how to include it.
  • File format of Realm files is changed. Files will be automatically upgraded but opening a Realm file with older versions of Realm is not possible.


  • Realm.allObjects*(). Use Realm.where(clazz).findAll*() instead.
  • Realm.distinct*(). Use Realm.where(clazz).distinct*() instead.
  • DynamicRealm.allObjects*(). Use DynamicRealm.where(className).findAll*() instead.
  • DynamicRealm.distinct*(). Use DynamicRealm.where(className).distinct*() instead.
  • Realm.allObjectsSorted(field, sort, field, sort, field, sort). Use RealmQuery.findAllSorted(field[], sort[])` instead.
  • RealmQuery.findAllSorted(field, sort, field, sort, field, sort). Use RealmQuery.findAllSorted(field[], sort[])` instead.
  • RealmQuery.findAllSortedAsync(field, sort, field, sort, field, sort). Use RealmQuery.findAllSortedAsync(field[], sort[])` instead.
  • RealmConfiguration.setModules(). Use RealmConfiguration.modules() instead.
  • Realm.refresh() and DynamicRealm.refresh(). Use Realm.waitForChange()/stopWaitForChange() or DynamicRealm.waitForChange()/stopWaitForChange() instead.


  • RealmObjectSchema.getPrimaryKey() (#2636).
  • Realm.createObject(Class, Object) for creating objects with a primary key directly.
  • Unit tests in Android library projects now detect Realm model classes.
  • Better error message if equals() and hashCode() are not properly overridden in custom Migration classes.
  • Expanding the precision of Date fields to cover full range (#833).
  • Realm.waitForChange()/stopWaitForChange() and DynamicRealm.waitForChange()/stopWaitForChange() (#2386).

Bug fixes

  • RealmChangeListener on RealmObject is not triggered when adding listener on returned RealmObject of copyToRealmOrUpdate() (#2569).


  • Thanks to Brenden Kromhout (@bkromhout) for adding RealmObjectSchema.getPrimaryKey().


Bug fixes

  • @PrimaryKey + @Required on String type primary key no longer throws when using copyToRealm or copyToRealmOrUpdate (#2653).
  • Primary key is cleared/changed when calling RealmSchema.remove()/RealmSchema.rename() (#2555).
  • Objects implementing RealmModel can be used as a field of RealmModel/RealmObject (#2654).


Breaking changes

  • @PrimaryKey field value can now be null for String, Byte, Short, Integer, and Long types. Older Realms should be migrated, using RealmObjectSchema.setNullable(), or by adding the @Required annotation. (#2515).
  • RealmResults.clear() now throws UnsupportedOperationException. Use RealmResults.deleteAllFromRealm() instead.
  • RealmResults.remove(int) now throws UnsupportedOperationException. Use RealmResults.deleteFromRealm(int) instead.
  • RealmResults.sort() and RealmList.sort() now return the sorted result instead of sorting in-place.
  • RealmList.first() and RealmList.last() now throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if RealmList is empty.
  • Removed deprecated method Realm.getTable() from public API.
  • Realm.refresh() and DynamicRealm.refresh() on a Looper no longer have any effect. RealmObject and RealmResults are always updated on the next event loop.


  • RealmObject.removeFromRealm() in place of RealmObject.deleteFromRealm()
  • Realm.clear(Class) in favour of Realm.delete(Class).
  • DynamicRealm.clear(Class) in place of DynamicRealm.delete(Class).


  • Added a RealmModel interface that can be used instead of extending RealmObject.
  • RealmCollection and OrderedRealmCollection interfaces have been added. RealmList and RealmResults both implement these.
  • RealmBaseAdapter now accept an OrderedRealmCollection instead of only RealmResults.
  • RealmObjectSchema.isPrimaryKey(String) (#2440)
  • RealmConfiguration.initialData(Realm.Transaction) can now be used to populate a Realm file before it is used for the first time.

Bug fixes

  • RealmObjectSchema.isRequired(String) and RealmObjectSchema.isNullable(String) don't throw when the given field name doesn't exist.


  • Thanks to @thesurix for adding RealmConfiguration.initialData().


  • Updated Realm Core to 0.97.3.


  • Throws an IllegalArgumentException when calling Realm.copyToRealm()/Realm.copyToRealmOrUpdate() with a RealmObject which belongs to another Realm instance in a different thread.
  • Improved speed of cleaning up native resources (#2496).

Bug fixes

  • Field annotated with @Ignored should not have accessors generated by the bytecode transformer (#2478).
  • RealmResults and RealmObjects can no longer accidentially be GC'ed if using asObservable(). Previously this caused the observable to stop emitting. (#2485).
  • Fixed an build issue when using Realm in library projects on Windows (#2484).
  • Custom equals(), toString() and hashCode() are no longer incorrectly overwritten by the proxy class (#2545).


  • Updated Realm Core to 0.97.2.


  • Outputs additional information when incompatible lock file error occurs.

Bug fixes

  • Race condition causing BadVersionException when running multiple async writes and queries at the same time (#2021/#2391/#2417).


Bug fixes

  • Prevent throwing NullPointerException in RealmConfiguration.equals(RealmConfiguration) when RxJava is not in the classpath (#2416).
  • RealmTransformer fails because of missing annotation classes in user's project (#2413).
  • Added SONAME header to shared libraries (#2432).
  • now DynamicRealmObject.toString() correctly shows null value as "null" and the format is aligned to the String from typed RealmObject (#2439).
  • Fixed an issue occurring while resolving ReLinker in apps using a library based on Realm (#2415).


  • Updated Realm Core to 0.97.0.

Breaking changes

  • Realm has now to be installed as a Gradle plugin.
  • DynamicRealm.executeTransaction() now directly throws any RuntimeException instead of wrapping it in a RealmException (#1682).
  • DynamicRealm.executeTransaction() now throws IllegalArgumentException instead of silently accepting a null Transaction object.
  • String setters now throw IllegalArgumentException instead of RealmError for invalid surrogates.
  • DynamicRealm.distinct()/distinctAsync() and Realm.distinct()/distinctAsync() now throw IllegalArgumentException instead of UnsupportedOperationException for invalid type or unindexed field.
  • All thread local change listeners are now delayed until the next Looper event instead of being triggered when committing.
  • Removed RealmConfiguration.getSchemaMediator() from public API which was deprecated in 0.86.0. Please use RealmConfiguration.getRealmObjectClasses() to obtain the set of model classes (#1797).
  • Realm.migrateRealm() throws a FileNotFoundException if the Realm file doesn't exist.
  • It is now required to unsubscribe from all Realm RxJava observables in order to fully close the Realm (#2357).


  • Realm.getInstance(Context). Use Realm.getInstance(RealmConfiguration) or Realm.getDefaultInstance() instead.
  • Realm.getTable(Class) which was public because of the old migration API. Use Realm.getSchema() or DynamicRealm.getSchema() instead.
  • Realm.executeTransaction(Transaction, Callback) and replaced it with Realm.executeTransactionAsync(Transaction), Realm.executeTransactionAsync(Transaction, OnSuccess), Realm.executeTransactionAsync(Transaction, OnError) and Realm.executeTransactionAsync(Transaction, OnSuccess, OnError).


  • Support for custom methods, custom logic in accessors, custom accessor names, interface implementation and public fields in Realm objects (#909).
  • Support to project Lombok (#502).
  • RealmQuery.isNotEmpty() (#2025).
  • Realm.deleteAll() and RealmList.deleteAllFromRealm() (#1560).
  • RealmQuery.distinct() and RealmResults.distinct() (#1568).
  • RealmQuery.distinctAsync() and RealmResults.distinctAsync() (#2118).
  • Improved .so loading by using ReLinker.
  • Improved performance of RealmList#contains() (#897).
  • distinct(...) for Realm, DynamicRealm, RealmQuery, and RealmResults can take multiple parameters (#2284).
  • "realm" and "row" can be used as field name in model classes (#2255).
  • RealmResults.size() now returns Integer.MAX_VALUE when actual size is greater than Integer.MAX_VALUE (#2129).
  • Removed allowBackup from AndroidManifest (#2307).

Bug fixes

  • Error occurring during test and (#2025).
  • Error occurring during test and connectedCheck of unit test example (#1934).
  • Bug in jsonExample (#2092).
  • Multiple calls of RealmResults.distinct() causes to return wrong results (#2198).
  • Calling DynamicRealmObject.setList() with RealmList (#2368).
  • RealmChangeListeners did not triggering correctly if findFirstAsync() didn't find any object. findFirstAsync() Observables now also correctly call onNext when the query completes in that case (#2200).
  • Setting a null value to trigger RealmChangeListener (#2366).
  • Preventing throwing BadVersionException (#2391).


  • Thanks to Bill Best (@wmbest2) for snapshot testing.
  • Thanks to Graham Smith (@grahamsmith) for a detailed bug report (#2200).


  • Updated Realm Core to 0.96.2.
    • IllegalStateException won't be thrown anymore in RealmResults.where() if the RealmList which the RealmResults is created on has been deleted. Instead, the RealmResults will be treated as empty forever.
    • Fixed a bug causing a bad version exception, when using findFirstAsync (#2115).


  • Updated Realm Core to 0.96.0.
    • Fixed bug causing BadVersionException or crashing core when running async queries.


  • IllegalArgumentException is now properly thrown when calling Realm.copyFromRealm() with a DynamicRealmObject (#2058).
  • Fixed a message in IllegalArgumentException thrown by the accessors of DynamicRealmObject (#2141).
  • Fixed RealmList not returning DynamicRealmObjects of the correct underlying type (#2143).
  • Fixed potential crash when rolling back removal of classes that reference each other (#1829).
  • Updated Realm Core to 0.95.8.
    • Fixed a bug where undetected deleted object might lead to seg. fault (#1945).
    • Better performance when deleting objects (#2015).


  • Removed explicit GC call when committing a transaction (#1925).
  • Fixed a bug when RealmObjectSchema.addField() was called with the PRIMARY_KEY modifier, the field was not set as a required field (#2001).
  • Fixed a bug which could throw a ConcurrentModificationException in RealmObject's or RealmResults' change listener (#1970).
  • Fixed RealmList.set() so it now correctly returns the old element instead of the new (#2044).
  • Fixed the deployment of source and javadoc jars (#1971).


  • Upgraded to NDK R10e. Using gcc 4.9 for all architectures.
  • Updated Realm Core to 0.95.6
    • Fixed a bug where an async query can be copied incomplete in rare cases (#1717).
  • Fixed potential memory leak when using async query.
  • Added a check to prevent removing a RealmChangeListener from a non-Looper thread (#1962). (Thank you @hohnamkung)


  • Added Realm.asObservable(), RealmResults.asObservable(), RealmObject.asObservable(), DynamicRealm.asObservable() and DynamicRealmObject.asObservable().
  • Added RealmConfiguration.Builder.rxFactory() and RxObservableFactory for custom RxJava observable factory classes.
  • Added Realm.copyFromRealm() for creating detached copies of Realm objects (#931).
  • Added RealmObjectSchema.getFieldType() (#1883).
  • Added unitTestExample to showcase unit and instrumentation tests. Examples include jUnit3, jUnit4, Espresso, Robolectric, and MPowermock usage with Realm (#1440).
  • Added support for ISO8601 based dates for JSON import. If JSON dates are invalid a RealmException will be thrown (#1213).
  • Added APK splits to gridViewExample (#1834).


  • Improved the performance of removing objects (RealmResults.clear() and RealmResults.remove()).
  • Updated Realm Core to 0.95.5.
  • Updated ProGuard configuration (#1904).
  • Fixed a bug where RealmQuery.findFirst() returned a wrong result if the RealmQuery had been created from a RealmResults.where() (#1905).
  • Fixed a bug causing DynamicRealmObject.getObject()/setObject() to use the wrong class (#1912).
  • Fixed a bug which could cause a crash when closing Realm instances in change listeners (#1900).
  • Fixed a crash occurring during update of multiple async queries (#1895).
  • Fixed listeners not triggered for RealmObject & RealmResults created using copy or create methods (#1884).
  • Fixed RealmChangeListener never called inside RealmResults (#1894).
  • Fixed crash when calling clear on a RealmList (#1886).


  • BREAKING CHANGE: The Migration API has been replaced with a new API.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: RealmResults.SORT_ORDER_ASCENDING and RealmResults.SORT_ORDER_DESCENDING constants have been replaced by Sort.ASCENDING and Sort.DESCENDING enums.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: RealmQuery.CASE_SENSITIVE and RealmQuery.CASE_INSENSITIVE constants have been replaced by Case.SENSITIVE and Case.INSENSITIVE enums.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Realm.addChangeListener, RealmObject.addChangeListener and RealmResults.addChangeListener hold a strong reference to the listener, you should unregister the listener to avoid memory leaks.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed deprecated methods RealmQuery.minimum{Int,Float,Double}, RealmQuery.maximum{Int,Float,Double}, RealmQuery.sum{Int,Float,Double} and RealmQuery.average{Int,Float,Double}. Use RealmQuery.min(), RealmQuery.max(), RealmQuery.sum() and RealmQuery.average() instead.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed RealmConfiguration.getSchemaMediator() which is public by mistake. And RealmConfiguration.getRealmObjectClasses() is added as an alternative in order to obtain the set of model classes (#1797).
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Realm.addChangeListener, RealmObject.addChangeListener and RealmResults.addChangeListener will throw an IllegalStateException when invoked on a non-Looper thread. This is to prevent registering listeners that will not be invoked.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: trying to access a property on an unloaded RealmObject obtained asynchronously will throw an IllegalStateException
  • Added new Dynamic API using DynamicRealm and DynamicRealmObject.
  • Added Realm.getSchema() and DynamicRealm.getSchema().
  • Realm.createOrUpdateObjectFromJson() now works correctly if the RealmObject class contains a primary key (#1777).
  • Realm.compactRealm() doesn't throw an exception if the Realm file is opened. It just returns false instead.
  • Updated Realm Core to 0.95.3.
    • Fixed a bug where RealmQuery.average(String) returned a wrong value for a nullable Long/Integer/Short/Byte field (#1803).
    • Fixed a bug where RealmQuery.average(String) wrongly counted the null value for average calculation (#1854).


  • Fixed a bug which could corrupt primary key information when updating from a Realm version <= 0.84.1 (#1775).


  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed RealmEncryptionNotSupportedException since the encryption implementation changed in Realm's underlying storage engine. Encryption is now supported on all devices.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Realm.executeTransaction() now directly throws any RuntimeException instead of wrapping it in a RealmException (#1682).
  • BREAKING CHANGE: RealmQuery.isNull() and RealmQuery.isNotNull() now throw IllegalArgumentException instead of RealmError if the fieldname is a linked field and the last element is a link (#1693).
  • Added Realm.isEmpty().
  • Setters in managed object for RealmObject and RealmList now throw IllegalArgumentException if the value contains an invalid (unmanaged, removed, closed, from different Realm) object (#1749).
  • Attempting to refresh a Realm while a transaction is in process will now throw an IllegalStateException (#1712).
  • The Realm AAR now also contains the ProGuard configuration (#1767). (Thank you @skyisle)
  • Updated Realm Core to 0.95.
    • Removed reliance on POSIX signals when using encryption.


  • Fixed a bug making it impossible to convert a field to become required during a migration (#1695).
  • Fixed a bug making it impossible to read Realms created using primary keys and created by iOS (#1703).
  • Fixed some memory leaks when an Exception is thrown (#1730).
  • Fixed a memory leak when using relationships (#1285).
  • Fixed a bug causing cached column indices to be cleared too soon (#1732).


  • Updated Realm Core to 0.94.4.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when running the same query multiple times.
  • Updated ProGuard configuration. See documentation for more details.
  • Updated Kotlin example to use 1.0.0-beta.
  • Fixed warnings reported by "lint -Xlint:all" (#1644).
  • Fixed a bug where simultaneous opening and closing a Realm from different threads might result in a NullPointerException (#1646).
  • Fixed a bug which made it possible to externally modify the encryption key in a RealmConfiguration (#1678).


  • Added support for async queries and transactions.
  • Added support for parsing JSON Dates with timezone information. (Thank you @LateralKevin)
  • Added RealmQuery.isEmpty().
  • Added Realm.isClosed() method.
  • Added Realm.distinct() method.
  • Added RealmQuery.isValid(), RealmResults.isValid() and RealmList.isValid(). Each method checks whether the instance is still valid to use or not(for example, the Realm has been closed or any parent object has been removed).
  • Added Realm.isInTransaction() method.
  • Updated Realm Core to version 0.94.3.
    • Fallback for mremap() now work correctly on BlackBerry devices.
  • Following methods in managed RealmList now throw IllegalStateException instead of native crash when RealmList.isValid() returns false: add(int,RealmObject), add(RealmObject)
  • Following methods in managed RealmList now throw IllegalStateException instead of ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when RealmList.isValid() returns false: set(int,RealmObject), move(int,int), remove(int), get(int)
  • Following methods in managed RealmList now throw IllegalStateException instead of returning 0/null when RealmList.isValid() returns false: clear(), removeAll(Collection), remove(RealmObject), first(), last(), size(), where()
  • RealmPrimaryKeyConstraintException is now thrown instead of RealmException if two objects with same primary key are inserted.
  • IllegalStateException is now thrown when calling Realm's clear(), RealmResults's remove(), removeLast(), clear() or RealmObject's removeFromRealm() from an incorrect thread.
  • Fixed a bug affecting RealmConfiguration.equals().
  • Fixed a bug in RealmQuery.isNotNull() which produced wrong results for binary data.
  • Fixed a bug in RealmQuery.isNull() and RealmQuery.isNotNull() which validated the query prematurely.
  • Fixed a bug where closed Realms were trying to refresh themselves resulting in a NullPointerException.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to migrate open Realms, which could cause undefined behavior when querying, reading or writing data.
  • Fixed a bug causing column indices to be wrong for some edge cases. See #1611 for details.


  • Updated Realm Core to version 0.94.1.
    • Fixed a bug when using Realm.compactRealm() which could make it impossible to open the Realm file again.
    • Fixed a bug, so isNull link queries now always return true if any part is null.


  • BREAKING CHANGE: Database file format update. The Realm file created by this version cannot be used by previous versions of Realm.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed deprecated methods and constructors from the Realm class.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Introduced boxed types Boolean, Byte, Short, Integer, Long, Float and Double. Added null support. Introduced annotation @Required to indicate a field is not nullable. String, Date and byte[] became nullable by default which means a RealmMigrationNeededException will be thrown if an previous version of a Realm file is opened.
  • Deprecated methods: RealmQuery.minimum{Int,Float,Double}, RealmQuery.maximum{Int,Float,Double}. Use RealmQuery.min() and RealmQuery.max() instead.
  • Added support for x86_64.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the same Realm file on two Looper threads could potentially lead to an IllegalStateException being thrown.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the call of listeners on refresh().
  • Opening a Realm file from one thread will no longer be blocked by a transaction from another thread.
  • Range restrictions of Date fields have been removed. Date fields now accepts any value. Milliseconds are still removed.


  • Fixed a bug which might cause failure when loading the native library.
  • Fixed a bug which might trigger a timeout in Context.finalize().
  • Fixed a bug which might cause RealmObject.isValid() to throw an exception if the object is deleted.
  • Updated Realm core to version 0.89.9
    • Fixed a potential stack overflow issue which might cause a crash when encryption was used.
    • Embedded crypto functions into Realm dynamic lib to avoid random issues on some devices.
    • Throw RealmEncryptionNotSupportedException if the device doesn't support Realm encryption. At least one device type (HTC One X) contains system bugs that prevents Realm's encryption from functioning properly. This is now detected, and an exception is thrown when trying to open/create an encrypted Realm file. It's up to the application to catch this and decide if it's OK to proceed without encryption instead.


  • Fixed a bug where using the wrong encryption key first caused the right key to be seen as invalid.
  • Fixed a bug where String fields were ignored when updating objects from JSON with null values.
  • Fixed a bug when calling System.exit(0), the process might hang.


  • BREAKING CHANGE: Fields with annotation @PrimaryKey are indexed automatically now. Older schemas require a migration.
  • RealmConfiguration.setModules() now accept ignore null values which Realm.getDefaultModule() might return.
  • Trying to access a deleted Realm object throw throws a proper IllegalStateException.
  • Added in-memory Realm support.
  • Closing realm on another thread different from where it was created now throws an exception.
  • Realm will now throw a RealmError when Realm's underlying storage engine encounters an unrecoverable error.
  • @Index annotation can also be applied to byte/short/int/long/boolean/Date now.
  • Fixed a bug where RealmQuery objects are prematurely garbage collected.
  • Removed RealmQuery.between() for link queries.


  • Fixed memory leak causing Realm to never release Realm objects.


  • Introduced RealmModules for working with custom schemas in libraries and apps.
  • Introduced Realm.getDefaultInstance(), Realm.setDefaultInstance(RealmConfiguration) and Realm.getInstance(RealmConfiguration).
  • Deprecated most constructors. They have been been replaced by Realm.getInstance(RealmConfiguration) and Realm.getDefaultInstance().
  • Deprecated Realm.migrateRealmAtPath(). It has been replaced by Realm.migrateRealm(RealmConfiguration).
  • Deprecated Realm.deleteFile(). It has been replaced by Realm.deleteRealm(RealmConfiguration).
  • Deprecated Realm.compactFile(). It has been replaced by Realm.compactRealm(RealmConfiguration).
  • RealmList.add(), RealmList.addAt() and RealmList.set() now copy unmanaged objects transparently into Realm.
  • Realm now works with Kotlin (M12+). (Thank you @cypressious)
  • Fixed a performance regression introduced in 0.80.3 occurring during the validation of the Realm schema.
  • Added a check to give a better error message when null is used as value for a primary key.
  • Fixed unchecked cast warnings when building with Realm.
  • Cleaned up examples (remove old test project).
  • Added checking for missing generic type in RealmList fields in annotation processor.


  • Calling Realm.copyToRealmOrUpdate() with an object with a null primary key now throws a proper exception.
  • Fixed a bug making it impossible to open Realms created by Realm-Cocoa if a model had a primary key defined.
  • Trying to using Realm.copyToRealmOrUpdate() with an object with a null primary key now throws a proper exception.
  • RealmChangedListener now also gets called on the same thread that did the commit.
  • Fixed bug where Realm.createOrUpdateWithJson() reset Date and Binary data to default values if not found in the JSON output.
  • Fixed a memory leak when using RealmBaseAdapter.
  • RealmBaseAdapter now allow RealmResults to be null. (Thanks @zaki50)
  • Fixed a bug where a change to a model class (RealmList<A> to RealmList<B>) would not throw a RealmMigrationNeededException.
  • Fixed a bug where setting multiple RealmLists didn't remove the previously added objects.
  • Solved ConcurrentModificationException thrown when addChangeListener/removeChangeListener got called in the onChange. (Thanks @beeender)
  • Fixed duplicated listeners in the same realm instance. Trying to add duplicated listeners is ignored now. (Thanks @beeender)


  • Trying to use Realm.copyToRealmOrUpdate() with an object with a null primary key now throws a proper exception.
  • RealmMigrationNeedException can now return the path to the Realm that needs to be migrated.
  • Fixed bug where creating a Realm instance with a hashcode collision no longer returned the wrong Realm instance.
  • Updated Realm Core to version 0.89.2
    • fixed bug causing a crash when opening an encrypted Realm file on ARM64 devices.


  • Realm.createOrUpdateWithJson() no longer resets fields to their default value if they are not found in the JSON input.
  • Realm.compactRealmFile() now uses Realm Core's compact() method which is more failure resilient.
  • Realm.copyToRealm() now correctly handles referenced child objects that are already in the Realm.
  • The ARM64 binary is now properly a part of the Eclipse distribution package.
  • A RealmMigrationExceptionNeeded is now properly thrown if @Index and @PrimaryKey are not set correctly during a migration.
  • Fixed bug causing Realms to be cached even though they failed to open correctly.
  • Added Realm.deleteRealmFile(File) method.
  • Fixed bug causing queries to fail if multiple Realms has different field ordering.
  • Fixed bug when using Realm.copyToRealm() with a primary key could crash if default value was already used in the Realm.
  • Updated Realm Core to version 0.89.0
    • Improved performance for sorting RealmResults.
    • Improved performance for refreshing a Realm after inserting or modifying strings or binary data.
    • Fixed bug causing incorrect result when querying indexed fields.
    • Fixed bug causing corruption of string index when deleting an object where there are duplicate values for the indexed field.
    • Fixed bug causing a crash after compacting the Realm file.
  • Added RealmQuery.isNull() and RealmQuery.isNotNull() for querying relationships.
  • Fixed a potential NPE in the RealmList constructor.


  • Queries on relationships can be case sensitive.
  • Fixed bug when importing JSONObjects containing NULL values.
  • Fixed crash when trying to remove last element of a RealmList.
  • Fixed bug crashing annotation processor when using "name" in model classes for RealmObject references
  • Fixed problem occurring when opening an encrypted Realm with two different instances of the same key.
  • Version checker no longer reports that updates are available when latest version is used.
  • Added support for static fields in RealmObjects.
  • Realm.writeEncryptedCopyTo() has been reenabled.


  • copyToRealm() no longer crashes on cyclic data structures.
  • Fixed potential crash when using copyToRealmOrUpdate with an object graph containing a mix of elements with and without primary keys.


  • Added support for ARM64.
  • Added RealmQuery.not() to negate a query condition.
  • Added copyToRealmOrUpdate() and createOrUpdateFromJson() methods, that works for models with primary keys.
  • Made the native libraries much smaller. Arm went from 1.8MB to 800KB.
  • Better error reporting when trying to create or open a Realm file fails.
  • Improved error reporting in case of missing accessors in model classes.
  • Re-enabled RealmResults.remove(index) and RealmResults.removeLast().
  • Primary keys are now supported through the @PrimaryKey annotation.
  • Fixed error when instantiating a Realm with the wrong key.
  • Throw an exception if deleteRealmFile() is called when there is an open instance of the Realm.
  • Made migrations and compression methods synchronised.
  • Removed methods deprecated in 0.76. Now Realm.allObjectsSorted() and RealmQuery.findAllSorted() need to be used instead.
  • Reimplemented Realm.allObjectSorted() for better performance.


  • Added proper support for encryption. Encryption support is now included by default. Keys are now 64 bytes long.
  • Added support to write an encrypted copy of a Realm.
  • Realm no longer incorrectly warns that an instance has been closed too many times.
  • Realm now shows a log warning if an instance is being finalized without being closed.
  • Fixed bug causing Realms to be cached during a RealmMigration resulting in invalid realms being returned from Realm.getInstance().
  • Updated core to 0.88.


  • Added Realm.allObjectsSorted() and RealmQuery.findAllSorted() and extending RealmResults.sort() for multi-field sorting.
  • Added more logging capabilities at the JNI level.
  • Added proper encryption support. NOTE: The key has been increased from 32 bytes to 64 bytes (see example).
  • Added support for unmanaged objects and custom constructors.
  • Added more precise imports in proxy classes to avoid ambiguous references.
  • Added support for executing a transaction with a closure using Realm.executeTransaction().
  • Added RealmObject.isValid() to test if an object is still accessible.
  • RealmResults.sort() now has better error reporting.
  • Fixed bug when doing queries on the elements of a RealmList, ie. like Realm.where(Foo.class).getBars().where().equalTo("name").
  • Fixed bug causing refresh() to be called on background threads with closed Realms.
  • Fixed bug where calling Realm.close() too many times could result in Realm not getting closed at all. This now triggers a log warning.
  • Throw NoSuchMethodError when RealmResults.indexOf() is called, since it's not implemented yet.
  • Improved handling of empty model classes in the annotation processor
  • Removed deprecated static constructors.
  • Introduced new static constructors based on File instead of Context, allowing to save Realm files in custom locations.
  • RealmList.remove() now properly returns the removed object.
  • Calling realm.close() no longer prevent updates to other open realm instances on the same thread.


  • RealmObjects can now be imported using JSON.
  • Gradle wrapper updated to support Android Studio 1.0.
  • Fixed bug in RealmObject.equals() so it now correctly compares two objects from the same Realm.
  • Fixed bug in Realm crashing for receiving notifications after close().
  • Realm class is now marked as final.
  • Replaced concurrency example with a better thread example.
  • Allowed to add/remove RealmChangeListeners in RealmChangeListeners.
  • Upgraded to core 0.87.0 (encryption support, API changes).
  • Close the Realm instance after migrations.
  • Added a check to deny the writing of objects outside of a transaction.

0.75.1 (03 December 2014)

  • Changed sort to be an in-place method.
  • Added sorting functionality to allObjects() and findAll().
  • Fixed bug when querying a date column with equalTo(), it would act as lessThan()

0.75.0 (28 Nov 2014)

  • Realm now implements Closeable, allowing better cleanup of native resources.
  • Added writeCopyTo() and compactRealmFile() to write and compact a Realm to a new file.
  • RealmObject.toString(), equals() and hashCode() now support models with cyclic references.
  • RealmResults.iterator() and listIterator() now correctly iterates the results when using remove().
  • Bug fixed in Exception text when field names was not matching the database.
  • Bug fixed so Realm no longer throws an Exception when removing the last object.
  • Bug fixed in RealmResults which prevented sub-querying.
  • The Date type does not support millisecond resolution, and dates before 1901-12-13 and dates after 2038-01-19 are not supported on 32 bit systems.
  • Fixed bug so Realm no longer throws an Exception when removing the last object.
  • Fixed bug in RealmResults which prevented sub-querying.

0.74.0 (19 Nov 2014)

  • Added support for more field/accessors naming conventions.
  • Added case sensitive versions of string comparison operators equalTo and notEqualTo.
  • Added where() to RealmList to initiate queries.
  • Added verification of fields names in queries with links.
  • Added exception for queries with invalid field name.
  • Allow static methods in model classes.
  • An exception will now be thrown if you try to move Realm, RealmResults or RealmObject between threads.
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of the maximum of date field in a RealmResults.
  • Updated core to 0.86.0, fixing a bug in cancelling an empty transaction, and major query speedups with floats/doubles.
  • Consistent handling of UTF-8 strings.
  • removeFromRealm() now calls moveLastOver() which is faster and more reliable when deleting multiple objects.

0.73.1 (05 Nov 2014)

  • Fixed a bug that would send infinite notifications in some instances.

0.73.0 (04 Nov 2014)

  • Fixed a bug not allowing queries with more than 1024 conditions.
  • Rewritten the notification system. The API did not change but it's now much more reliable.
  • Added support for switching auto-refresh on and off (Realm.setAutoRefresh).
  • Added RealmBaseAdapter and an example using it.
  • Added deleteFromRealm() method to RealmObject.

0.72.0 (27 Oct 2014)

  • Extended sorting support to more types: boolean, byte, short, int, long, float, double, Date, and String fields are now supported.
  • Better support for Java 7 and 8 in the annotations processor.
  • Better support for the Eclipse annotations processor.
  • Added Eclipse support to the distribution folder.
  • Added Realm.cancelTransaction() to cancel/abort/rollback a transaction.
  • Added support for link queries in the form realm.where(Owner.class).equalTo("cat.age", 12).findAll().
  • Faster implementation of RealmQuery.findFirst().
  • Upgraded core to 0.85.1 (deep copying of strings in queries; preparation for link queries).

0.71.0 (07 Oct 2014)

  • Simplified the release artifact to a single Jar file.
  • Added support for Eclipse.
  • Added support for deploying to Maven.
  • Throw exception if nested transactions are used (it's not allowed).
  • Javadoc updated.
  • Fixed bug in RealmResults.
  • New annotation @Index to add search index to a field (currently only supporting String fields).
  • Made the annotations processor more verbose and strict.
  • Added RealmQuery.count() method.
  • Added a new example about concurrency.
  • Upgraded to core 0.84.0.

0.70.1 (30 Sep 2014)

  • Enabled unit testing for the realm project.
  • Fixed handling of camel-cased field names.

0.70.0 (29 Sep 2014)

  • This is the first public beta release.