Objective-C 35 9


The RapidWeaver Plugin SDK

Updated Oct 13, 2016

Objective-C 0 49


forked from iMediaSandboxing/iMedia

The Karelia iMedia Browser, framework and application for browsing media on Mac OS X

Updated Sep 16, 2016


The RapidWeaver Theme SDK

Updated Mar 31, 2016

Objective-C 216 23


RMErrorRecoveryAttempter is a class that conforms to the `NSErrorRecoveryAttempting` informal protocol and harnesses the power of blocks allowing you to provide recovery options for an error.

Updated Mar 29, 2016


Open source themes for Typed

Updated Mar 1, 2016

JavaScript 0 1,052


forked from ajaxorg/ace-builds

Updated Feb 1, 2016

Objective-C 0 48


forked from iMediaSandboxing/XPCKit

XPC simplified for Cocoa. Deal with NS* objects instead of xpc_object_t.

Updated Jan 20, 2016

Objective-C 1 594


forked from sparkle-project/Sparkle

A software update framework for the Mac

Updated Dec 15, 2015

Objective-C 0 1


Updated Oct 26, 2015

Objective-C 0 100


forked from drewmccormack/ensembles

A synchronization framework for Core Data.

Updated Oct 1, 2015

Objective-C 340 42


Connecter is an OS X app to help you interact with iTunes Connect’s Transporter binary, which allows you to interact with app metadata in iTunes Connect.

Updated Apr 26, 2015

Objective-C 1 52


forked from bitstadium/HockeySDK-Mac

The official Mac SDK for the HockeyApp service. It contains a crash reporter that checks at startup whether your application crashed last time it was launched, then offers to send that information to the HockeyApp service. It supports Mac OS X >= 10.5, Intel architectures and also the Mac Sandbox.

Updated Apr 22, 2014

Objective-C 0 226


forked from bitstadium/HockeySDK-iOS

The official iOS SDK for the HockeyApp service (Releases are in the master branch, current development in the default develop branch)

Updated Mar 21, 2014


forked from curl/curl

Curl is a tool and libcurl is a library for transferring data with URL syntax, supporting FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, GOPHER, TFTP, SCP, SFTP, TELNET, DICT, LDAP, LDAPS, FILE, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, RTSP and RTMP. libcurl offers a myriad of powerful features

Updated Jun 4, 2013

Objective-C 1 1


XPath tokeniser to help with querying XML documents with namespaces using NSXML

Updated May 21, 2013

Objective-C 28 5


Calculate the sunrise and sunset

Updated Mar 21, 2013

CoffeeScript 1 2,649


forked from github/hubot

A customizable, kegerator-powered life embetterment robot.

Updated Jan 11, 2013

Objective-C 37 10


RMSharedUserDefaults is an NSUserDefaults subclass that supports shared user defaults because multiple sandboxed applications in the same application group.

Updated Dec 6, 2012


forked from rayh/xcoder

ruby wrapper for Xcode build tools to aid automating builds

Updated Oct 2, 2012

JavaScript 1 1,255


forked from gollum/gollum

A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.

Updated Sep 16, 2012