A lightweight jQuery character count utility.
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A lightweight jQuery character countdown utility for text fields, similar in behavior to Twitter's countdown text box. Uses Twitter's Bootstrap classes as defaults.




With options:

  limit: 140,
  warning: 100,
  allowExceed: true,
  counterClass: "character-count",
  defaultClass: "bg-info",
  warningClass: "bg-warning",
  dangerClass: "bg-danger",
  submitButton: ""


Option Type Description Default
limit Number Sets the character limit for the text box. 140
warning Number Toggles the warning class on the counter when this character count is reached. When set to 0, it is disabled 100
allowExceed Boolean Determines whether or not typing is allowed past the limit. true
submitButton String ID of submit button that, if supplied, will be disabled if limit is exceeded. blank
counterClass String Class for the counter. character-count
defaultClass String Class applied to counter when the character warning or limit values haven't been exceeded. bg-info
warningClass String Class applied to counter when the character warning values have been exceeded. bg-warning
dangerClass String Class applied to counter when the character limit value has been exceeded. bg-danger


MIT License. Copyright 2013 Orlando de Frias. http://orlandodefrias.com