learning management system for real python
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Just a simple learning management system for textbook-like sites, powering Real Python.

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  1. Staging Server

Getting Started

  1. Fork/Clone
  2. Install dependencies
  3. Rename .env-sample to .env and then update
  4. Create the development and test Postgres DBs:
    • createdb members
    • createdb members_test
  5. Run development migrations:
    • knex migrate:latest --env development
  6. Run seed:
    • knex seed:run --env development
  7. Run server
    • gulp


  1. Run dev server: gulp
  2. Run tests: gulp test
  3. Run tests with coverage: gulp coverage
  4. Create build: gulp build

Run gulp help to list all available commands



  1. Make sure to drop the database before running the seed!
  2. Updates (development and testing only):
    • admin status: curl -X PUT -d admin=true http://localhost:3000/users/<USERNAME>/admin
    • active status: curl -X PUT -d active=true http://localhost:3000/users/<USERNAME>/active
  3. Make sure to update the fixtures (/test/fixtures/data.js) whenever the DB schema is updated
  4. User auth flow -> unregistered -> unverified -> active

Development Notes

  1. Tasks
  2. User stories