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r3 Pinterserver Beaglebone


Have an Beaglebone sit as printer-server between our power-hungry and insecure HP-Laserjet 8000 and our network. The Beaglebone is connected to an relay and power-switches the printer off if not in use.


  • trade insecurity of HP printer IP stack with somewhat secure and updateable debian system
  • faster printing
  • power saving


The script takes as argument a standard debian-based beaglebone IOT image and modifies ist.

Modifiactions include:

  • repartitioning so / can be ro, while /var is rw and everything still fits on the internal eMMC if desired
  • removing nodejs shit
  • adding cups and needed packages
  • configure ssh and passwords

uBoot Upgrade

The image requires a current version of the bootloader on the BB. See or just run /opt/scripts/tools/developers/


GPLv3 or if that's too cumbersome "use as you see fit but drop be a msg that you do".


  • add second printer
  • improve configuration (what are shell variable at the top right now)
  • write python framework to work with existing images and then publish that code instead of depending on currently not included python-scripts
  • use Ansible instead of shell script