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A modern and simple to use object orientated moodle scraper
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Elite Moodle Scraper

A modern and simple to use object orientated moodle scraper


  • Easily scrape data from multiple moodle accounts.

    • Fetch user info
    • Fetch modules
    • Fetch grades
    • Fetch upcoming calender
    • Fetch blog posts
    • Fetch previous sessions
  • Stores data in object cache.

  • After logging in, the login token is stored for future requests.

  • A fake user agent is used in order to help stay undetected.

  • Works with user accounts on different moodle websites at the same time!


npm install --save elite-moodle-scraper


const MoodleUser = require('elite-moodle-scraper').MoodleUser;

const user = new MoodleUser('USERNAME', 'SUPER_SECRET_PASSWORD', 'BASE_MOODLE_URL');
user.login(async loggedIn => {
    await user.fetchUserInfo();


Before creating an issue, please ensure that the problem hasn't already been reported/suggested, and double-check the documentation to make sure it is actually an issue! If you wish to contribute to the codebase or docs, feel free to fork the repository, make what ever changes you want and then submit a pull request. Make sure to include a description of whatever you change!

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