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Fake social media logins for the purpose of educating people to spot the differences! 🔥
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FakeSocial 🔥

An educational program used to show how easy it is to make phishing websites look identical to their respective official websites.


Download or clone the repository to your computer. Run npm install. This should only take a minute. The next step is to supply configuration arguments to the program, you can either rename the 'ex_config.js' to 'config.js' and edit the values or they can be passed in as enviroment values [mode | dburl | port | dis_dashboard | debug]. If no mode is entered, it will ask you to enter one.
Note: The default value for the port is 80 and with no dburl, messages will be sent to the console. Debug mode is disabled by default. Enabling this will display all status 200 connections on the console

Social Media Websites

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Paypal
  • Instagram
  • Reddit


A dashboard at location /secret/dashboard is used to display the saved database entries. This is NOT protected, so anyone can access it. Note: This dashboard is disabled when there is no dburl or it is disabled using the dis_dashboard environment variable / config option.


This program was developed so adding extra modules would be super easy. If you feel like contributing, have a look at how the _example.js is made. Once you're finished, make a pull request and I'll have a look at it and if its good, I'll merge it.


This program outputs the username and password for each social media website, this is to be used for educational purposes ONLY. If you choose to use this for any illegal activity, it's your own liability.

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