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Merge pull request #84 from 1mace1/master

Fix issue 'Something went wrong' when two_step_verificator is True.
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realsirjoe committed Mar 11, 2020
2 parents 0adaf0a + 84dc04e commit 67325b219e88adef7e7b22fc9af91c2b12476e90
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@@ -1342,8 +1342,7 @@ def login(self, force=False, two_step_verificator=None):
raise InstagramAuthException(
'Something went wrong. Please report issue.',

if not response.json()['authenticated']:
elif not response.json()['authenticated']:
raise InstagramAuthException('User credentials are wrong.')

cookies = response.cookies.get_dict()
@@ -1416,7 +1415,7 @@ def __verify_two_step(self, response, cookies, two_step_verificator):
data={'choice': selected_choice},

if len(re.findall('name="security_code"', response.text)) <= 0:
if len(re.findall('"input_name":"security_code"', response.text)) <= 0:
raise InstagramAuthException(
'Something went wrong when try '
'two step verification. Please report issue.',

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