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updated change log for #1933
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1 user_guide_src/source/changelog.rst
@@ -481,6 +481,7 @@ Bug fixes for 3.0
- Fixed a bug - :doc:`DB result <database/results>` method ``list_fields()`` didn't reset its field pointer for the *mysql*, *mysqli* and *mssql* drivers.
- Fixed a bug (#73) - :doc:`Security Library <libraries/security>` method ``sanitize_filename()`` could be tricked by an XSS attack.
- Fixed a bug (#2211) - :doc:`Migration Library <libraries/migration>` extensions couldn't execute ``CI_Migration::__construct()``.
+- Fixed a bug (#1933) - :doc:`Form Validation Library <libraries/form_validation>` now correctly matches rules against router/method consistent with documentation. Previous functionality where rules were matched against the entire RURI has been removed. This should only affect applications where rules were matched incorrectly against router/method/parameter.
Version 2.1.3

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