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About Redirector Plugin

Redirector Plugin is a plugin for WolfCMS. It provides an provides an interface to manage redirects for URLs served by WolfCMS.

Adapted from Redirector by Design Spike Major contributions and original idea by Cody at Design Spike.

Licensed under the MIT license

The official Wolf CMS website can be found at - visit it for more information and resources.


Redirector Plugin can be installed into your WolfCMS installation by simply uploading it to /wolf/plugins/redirector and enabling it in your Administration section.

Please Note: This plugin requires that you install Installer Helper to install or remove the plugin.

SQLite Users: This plugin has SQLite enabled, however it has not been tested. If you are running WolfCMS with SQLite and find an issue (or not) please let me know.


If you are upgrading from a previous version of WolfCMS, please first make sure you have installed version 0.2.1 of this plugin before installing version 0.2.5.

Download Redirector v0.2.1

Upgrading From v0.2.1

  1. Disable the redirector plugin
  2. Backup your database!
  3. Backup the original redirector files and remove them from your server
  4. Upload the new Redirector Plugin files
  5. Enable the plugin, you will get an error message telling you to enable the plugin again. This is normal, the plugin has to set a version in the database so that it can perform the upgrade automatically.
  6. Enable the plugin the second time
  7. Done!