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Release Notes 0.4

Zheng, Lei edited this page Mar 30, 2018 · 1 revision

New Feature

  • Constraint/Element auto visible feature now supports highlight on mouse over tree view item.
  • Turn on SolveSpace solver backend redundant constraint tolerance.
  • Auto relax certain combinations of constraints.

Bug Fix

  • Fix (again) negative offset in various composite constraints
  • Tolerate empty lock constraint
  • Fix mover on whole object selection

FreeCAD LinkStage3

  • Complete Topological Naming support in Part workbench and other Python features. (1c7b973b, 765bb3b8, 83a58cd9, 8156ff23, and many following bug fixes)

  • 3D view highlight when mouse over tree view item. Once highlighted, the 3D view will add the object to the always-on-top display group, and make it transparent. This mouse over highlight feature can be turned on/off by tree view context menu, Tree view options -> Pre-select. (381e79ba)

  • Refactor PartDesign::SubShapeBinder to support design-in-context. The new shape binder now works in Relative linking mode by default, meaning that when you drag and drop a selection to the binder object, it will link to the first non-common ancestor of the target, and use sub-name to refer to the linked child object(s). If the binder belongs to some parent object (e.g. a body) and is moved, you can re-synchronize the placement by double clicking the binder object in the tree view. The binder also has a new BindMode property, that is default to Synchronized, meaning that it will auto update itself whenever the bound shape is changed. If set to Fronzon, then the shape will not be updated unless you double click the binder item in the tree view. When set to Detached, the shape is obtained at the time the link is set (e.g. through drag and drop), after which the link will be immediately reset to empty. (76744223, c2c2c2aa)

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