Simple chat example using TypeScript, React and Realtime Messaging
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Simple Chat example using TypeScript, React and Realtime Messaging

This example shows how to build a simple web chat using TypeScript, React and the Realtime Messaging platform.

In a nuthsell this example allows users to exchange messages with all the other users subscribing the chat room.

TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Realtime Messaging is a cloud based message broker, enabling developers to build cross-platform apps that require realtime communication between devices.

Getting your Free Realtime Messaging subscription

If you already have a Realtime Messaging subscription you can skip this step.

Click here to register for a Realtime account and subscribe the Realtime Messaging service using the Free plan.

You'll get a 6 alpha-numeric application key (aka appkey) and make note of it, you'll have to enter it in your app code when the connection to Realtime is established.

Running this example

Download or clone this repository and enter your Realtime Messaging application key in the appkey property of the Chat component defined at src/index.tsx file.

Run the following commands in your terminal window to install the dependencies and compile the example:

npm install -g webpack
npm install

Open the index.html file in your default browser.

NOTE: You'll need to have Node.js and NPM setup on your development environment.