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Cocos2d-x Realtime Messaging Example

Part of the The Realtime® Framework, Realtime Cloud Messaging (aka ORTC) is a secure, fast and highly scalable cloud-hosted Pub/Sub real-time message broker for web and mobile apps.

If your app has data that needs to be updated in the user’s interface as it changes (e.g. real-time stock quotes or ever changing social news feed) Realtime Cloud Messaging is the reliable, easy, unbelievably fast, “works everywhere” solution.

Cocos2d-x is an open-source game framework written in C++, with a thin platform dependent layer. It is widely used to build games, apps and other cross platform GUI based interactive programs.

Cocos2d-x instalation

  • Download Cocos2dx from cocos2d-x page.
  • Place the sdk in your system files, in the folder run ./ on terminal.
  • Create a new cocos2dx project by running the command cocos new -l cpp -p [YOUR_PACKAGE_NAME] -d [PATH_TO_NEW_PROJECT].

Setup the example

  • Copy the content of the example Classes folder to Classes folder in your project.
  • Copy the content of the example Resources folder to Resources folder in your project.

Install cocos Realtime Messaging SDK

  • Copy cocosRealtimeMessaging SDK to cocos2d/extenssions.

  • Edit file in cocos2d/extenssions and add the following lins under LOCAL_SRC_FILES := \:

    cocosRealtimeMessaging/OrtcClient.cpp \
    cocosRealtimeMessaging/common.cpp \
    cocosRealtimeMessaging/loops.cpp \
    cocosRealtimeMessaging/authentication.cpp \
    cocosRealtimeMessaging/connection.cpp \
    cocosRealtimeMessaging/message.cpp \
    cocosRealtimeMessaging/balancer.cpp \
    cocosRealtimeMessaging/dlist.cpp \
    cocosRealtimeMessaging/ortc.cpp \
    cocosRealtimeMessaging/channel.cpp \
    cocosRealtimeMessaging/events.cpp \
    cocosRealtimeMessaging/presence.cpp \
    cocosRealtimeMessaging/slre/slre.cpp \
  • add LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES += cocos_curl_static to local static libraries entrys in if using cocos2dx version >= 3.13

  • In the last line add $(call import-module,curl/prebuilt/android)

  • If building for iOS, make sure in the XCode project the cocos2d_libs is using libcurl.a in link with binary libraries.

That's it, run the project.

Realtime Messaging Cocos2d-x SDK



Cocos2d-x Realtime Messaging example




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