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The Realtime Cloud Storage Todo example for JavaScript

This example, based on the AngularJS TodoMVC architecture example, uses AngularJS in conjunction with the Realtime Cloud Storage JavaScript library. This sample can be used with the iOS and NodeJS samples. All data will be synchronized between apps.

About the Realtime Cloud Storage Service

Part of the The Realtime® Framework, the Realtime Cloud Storage Service is a highly-scalable backend-as-a-service powered by Amazon DynamoDB. We've added real-time notifications to keep data synchronized between users of your application.

Storage table definition

This sample requires that a table named todoTable exists with the following key definition:

  • Primary Key: listName (string)
  • Secondary Key: timestamp (number)

Security note

This samples uses a public unauthenticated demonstration key. If you want to keep your todo lists private, please get your free Realtime Cloud Storage application key here and change the key used in the sample.


The complete Realtime Cloud Storage API reference is available here