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Missing directory gives "Unable to open directory" error with no recovery #19

paulsuh opened this Issue May 26, 2013 · 2 comments

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paulsuh commented May 26, 2013

Coming over from NAS4Free (r724), which pulled in Quixplorer 2.5.4. Just to be clear, I'm a user, not a NAS4Free project admin or contributor.

If a directory was deleted by other means (e.g., from a shell), Quixplorer fails with the above error and there does not seem to be a way to recover. There apparently was a fix committed back in 2010, but it seems to have regressed.

paulsuh commented May 27, 2013

Following up from further research:

The immediate cause of the problem is that NAS4Free drops the user into his home directory. In this case, the home directory for the original user was deleted as a part of a reorganization of disk space. Changing the home directory by editing the user account to a re-created home directory allowed me to use the File Manager/Quixplorer again. The underlying issue is still present, that a missing directory leads to an error with no way to go forward.


Thanks for this report. I had a look at the source code base of NAS4Free and it seems that they integrated a somehow more current version of quixplorer. However, it is very hard to me to find out which code base they really use.

In fact, i really don't know any details about how they interface to quixplorer.

Quixplorer checks wether it can access a directory when its activated. That depends on the 'home_dir' settings and the current subdirectory the user selected. If for any reasons this directory cannot be read, quixplorer shows the mentioned error message.

If you have any suggestions on how quixplorer should behave in other way, just reopen this issue and tell me about. However, i close this issue know because the real reason of the problem is most probaply located in code changed by the NAS4Free guys in order to interface to quixplorer.

If i can do anything to make life easier for the NAS4Free guys, let me know about it.

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