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simply upload and download files to your webserver with a web-interface
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QuiXplorer - Web based file management

quixplorer is a simple web based file management software. It allows you to:

  • upload an download files to your web server using a web interface
  • define multible users with different acces permissions (read,write,...)


2011-11-28 v2.5.0 released

This release mainly contains the changes from LaurenceHR.

2011-03-19 Uploadify, editarea, zip/unzip support for quixplorer

Thanks to the contribution of LaurenceHR, quixplorer has some new features like using uploadify for file upload and editarea as edit tool.

However, this version is not very testet yet so i did not merge it into the master branch yet. But you'll find this changes in the branch branches/LaurenceHR

I welcome every feedback!

2011-03-04 Smarty template engine .. a lot of work

Since the work on the smarty template engine version of quixplorer takes a lot of time (which in fact i don't have at the moment), this work is currently stopped.

Sorry, you have to wait some more time..

2010-05-07 - using the smarty template engine

I'm currently working on the migration of the smarty template engine into quixplorer. If done, you'll be able to define your own templates for the look and feel of quixplorer. This will affect almost every source in the project, so the work will take some while. However, if you want to take a first look on it and may participate on that work, check out the unstable/smarty branch which contains the regarding changes.

I'm looking forward in getting your feedback.

2010-05-07 - project moved to github

Since i never got warm with the user interface of sourceforge (sorry guys), i finally decided to move this project over here to github.

You'll find 2 branches at the moment:

  • master - as recommended by git
  • unstable/smarty - this is the working-branch for integrating the smarty template engine
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