REANA example - LHCb D->pimumu analysis
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REANA example - Search for the rare charm decays


This example is based on analysis-case-study.

Mass fit results

The result of this analysis are the following plots in various dimuon mass ranges. We studied the three body decay in high dimuon and low dimuon mass range, and we did not observe any signal.

Dimuon resonances Dimuon mass range (MeV) Plot
Three body decay (low dimuon) 250 - 525 low_dimuon_signal.pdf
525 - 565 eta.pdf
565 - 850 rho_omega.pdf
850 - 1250 phi.pdf
Three body (high dimuon) 1250 - 2000 high_dimuon_signal.pdf

The plots can be found in the mass_fits folder at the end of the execution.

One of the final plots, representing the contribution, is shown below.