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REANA Environment AliPhysics
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REANA Environment AliPhysics


reana-env-aliphysics provides a container image with encapsulated runtime execution environment for AliPhysics based ALICE data analyses. The container image includes all the necessary dependencies and does not have any external requirements (such as CVMFS).

reana-env-aliphysics was developed for use in the REANA reusable research data analysis platform.


You can use reana-env-aliphysics as a base image for containerising your own AliPhysics-based research data analyses. You can simply start your Dockerfile from this base image and add your custom code on top, or you can use the image "as is" and mount your runtime code to the running container. Some concrete usage examples will be provided later on.


You can build an AliPhysics image corresponding to a particular AliPhysics version selected from the list of published Alice packages by setting up the ALIPHYSICS_VERSION environment variable:

$ export ALIPHYSICS_VERSION=vAN-20170521-1
$ make build

You can test the built container image briefly:

$ make test

If you would like to try it locally, you can run:

$ docker run -i -t --rm -v $HOME/foo:/foo reana-env-aliphysics:vAN-20170521-1 /bin/bash

which will drop you to a shell with the appropriate AliPhysics environment already set. Everything you write in /foo inside the container will be available outside the container under ~/foo.

If all the tests are successful, you can publish the newly created AliPhysics image on Docker Hub:

$ make push

More information

For more information about REANA reusable research data analysis platform, please see its documentation.


The list of contributors in alphabetical order:

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