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REANA Environment Jupyter
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REANA Environment Jupyter


reana-env-jupyter provides a container image with encapsulated runtime execution environment for Jupyter notebook based data analyses. It is basically an example how a user could encapsulate a notebook environment using Jupyter 1.0 notebooks with IPython 5.0 kernel running on CentOS7 platform. The container also provides several convenient Python packages such as Pandas data analysis library or Papermill notebook parametrisation and execution uitlity.

reana-env-jupyter was developed for use in the REANA reusable and reproducible research data analysis platform.


You can use reana-env-jupyter provided "as is" and simply mount your own Python code and notebooks to the running container.

Alternatively, you can also use reana-env-jupyter as a base image for notebook-based analyses. Just start your Dockerfile from this base image and add your own custom code on top:

FROM reanahub/reana-env-jupyter
ADD my-notebook.ipynb /code/

Here are several complete examples on how to use reana-env-jupyter environment in your analyses:


If you would like to contribute to reana-env-jupyter development, you can take advantage of the provided Makefile:

$ make build  # build a new version of the container image
$ make test   # test the built image
$ make push   # push it to Docker Hub

More information

For more information about the REANA reusable analysis platform, please see the REANA project home page and the general REANA documentation pages.


The list of contributors in alphabetical order:

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