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Reapp Kit unifies all your reapp pieces into one convenient package. It saves you even more time by making a few choices for you. Those are:

  • react-router for top level routes
  • immutable.js data for your store
  • ultra simple actions that can be chained
  • fetch polyfill

Because it brings together routing and data/actions, your app gains some amazing powers. First, you can focus on what matters and save time gluing things together. Second, you can optimize your app automatically and avoid common bugs. Third, you can spend less time managing dependencies and figuring out how to architect your app.

Using reapp-kit is simple:

sudo npm install -g reapp
npm install --save reapp-kit react

To see the simplest possible reapp-kit app, check out our demo.

reapp new myapp will generate a default reapp-kit stack for you.

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