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Implement new/final website at #14

dagwieers opened this Issue · 4 comments

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We now have a basic stub website that could use a bit of work in order to move the legacy website over.

Feedback and contributions are needed...


I have improved some of the sections, uploaded all released tarballs and added links to our development on Github.

What we desperately need is more documentation (finish #4!) and links from various parts of the website to this documentation. I prefer to not add too much information to the website itself, but rather provide that through the documentation. There's no need to duplicate information that we later have to keep in sync/maintain...

I would have a separate FAQ that can refer to the documentation for those pieces that are explained in the documentation in detail.


Maybe we should have the new (basic) website published when we release Rear v1.13. The old website contains a lot of old information and is misleading (wrt. development/sourceforge). What could be used might as well be copied over.

And then add a placeholder to redirect people to:

@dagwieers dagwieers was assigned

The only items I would really like to include before the v1.13 release are:

  • Add a news-section (to announce a release or an important event)
  • Add a limited FAQ with important questions

Already executed:

  • Make it somewhat more attractive (done:jhoekx)
  • Add a small walk-through for new users (done:jhoekx)
  • Add RPM and DEB or downstream distribution information (done:dagwieers)
  • A new demo video (done:jhoekx)

The News-page and FAQ can be implemented at a later date.

@dagwieers dagwieers closed this
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