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missing initrd rebuild in RHEL5 #50

wdpoorte opened this Issue · 5 comments

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When recovering on different hardware with a different scsi controller, the recoverd system will not find the root volume group and stop with a kernel panic.

Probably a rebuild of the initrd is needed.


This is planned for a future release and tracked in issue #45.

For now, you can add a custom script to rebuild it in your local.conf. See this excerpt from default.conf.

# NOTE: The scripts can be defined as an array to better handly spaces in parameters. The
# scripts are called like this: eval "${PRE_RECOVERY_SCRIPT[@]}"
# call this after rear did everything in the recover workflow. /mnt/local refers to the recovered system
@gdha gdha was assigned

we added the code into rear to fix this on RHEL. However, it is still untested. We hope to get this tested tomorrow...


We need more feedback on this if we want to get v1.13 out of the door.


For me it works on RHEL 5.8. No more kernel panics after recovery.


Ok, let's close this one :-) Thanks for the feedback.

If someone notices a problem with the implementation, please re-open this ticket.

@dagwieers dagwieers closed this
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