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For a site called reason, you'd think it would block trolls, help users navigate comment threads, and show inline media. (Drink.)
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Designed to make your commingling with the cosmotarian commentariat at a marginally more enjoyable experience.


  • Blacklist trolls and blogwhores. Recommendations are made automatically from an online list, and there's an ignore button when reading posts.
  • Display delicious alt text directly underneath images. Also, for larger images you can click on them and view it full screen without leaving the page.
  • In threaded comments, toggle between showing all replies and direct replies
  • See YouTube videos and images in posts
  • Store the hyperlinks to recent comments you've made for easier access
  • See Gravatar/Identicon avatars
  • Improve load times by removing the Facebook and Twitter sharing APIs
  • Links to quickly insert HTML into comment forms

Permissions requested

The extension asks for "access to your data on," which is for updating the list of trolls and nothing else. You can turn off whether you receive (to make troll detection hands-off) or send (to make the automated troll list more democratic) any info. Information on your tabs (i.e. your "browsing history") is necessary to display the icon whenever you visit a page where the extension is active. I store zero personal or identifying information on folks using this extension.


The recommended way to install is through the Chrome Web Store page. Chrome extensions will automatically update to the latest stable version.

If you'd like to compile from the source, you'll need the following:

Once those are installed, you should be able to just clone the repo and install using rake:

git clone
cd reasonable
bundle update
rake build
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