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A tidy alternative to EventEmitter.
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Eventual is a compositional alternative to EventEmitter.

In contrast with EventEmitter, Eventual removes the need to inherit or wrap an EventEmitter and instead handles events at the variable or property level.


NPM: npm install --save @reasonink/eventual

Yarn: yarn add @reasonink/eventual

How it works

Create an Eventual instance using the eventual() factory function.

let loaded = eventual();

Add handlers with on(callback) or once(callback).

loaded.on(e => console.log(`Data loaded: ${}`));

Fire the event with fire(event).{ data: "the data" });

Callbacks can be removed with off().

function myHandler() {
    // Do something


// ...;

Type safety

Eventual is built with (but doesn't require) TypeScript. Event types can be specified as a type argument to eventual<T>(). Callbacks will expect the given type as their only argument.


interface DataEvent {
    data: string;

let loaded = eventual<DataEvent>();
loaded.on((e: DataEvent) => {
    // Do something with e
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