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Documentation Generation for BuckleScript projects

npm Build Status

Read more in the docs: BsDoc


Install in your project using npm or yarn:

$ yarn add bsdoc

And whenever you want to generate your docs you can run:

# Build your docs!
MyProject $ yarn run bsdoc build MyProject
yarn run v1.12.3
$ ./node_modules/.bin/bsdoc build MyProject
info: Compiling documentation for package "MyProject"...
info: Generating .html files...
info: Done βœ…
✨  Done in 0.58s.

Additionally, to install the support files (default CSS and Javascript), you can run:

# Create the support files
MyProject $ yarn run bsdoc support-files
yarn run v1.12.3
$ ./node_modules/.bin/bsdoc support-files
info: Copying support files (CSS, JS) into ./docs
info: Done βœ…
✨  Done in 0.53s.


bsdoc is developed as a Native Reason project, and is only possible thanks to esy, dune, and, naturally, odoc.

If you haven't installed Esy yet, follow the instructions in their web site:

After you have done that, you need only run esy build to get the project bootstrapped.

Installing on Linux/Windows

Unfortunately I haven't gotten around publishing bsdoc for Linux/Windows, but if you have npm installed you can run:

$ esy build
$ esy npm-release

And that'll get you an npm package that you can then install locally (or globally) in any of your projects. Be mindful that it'll only work for bs-platform@6+ projects!