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ReasonML/OCaml language support for Atom-IDE, using ocaml-language-server under the hood.
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Atom Support for Reason

This Plugin's Installation

Search for ide-reason package in Atom, or via apm:

apm install ide-reason

Other Required Installations

Custom configuration per project

You can add configuration per project by adding .atom/ide-reason.json, which can be generated via command ide-reason:generate-config. Custom configuration will be merged with global one.


The usual editor features all work; see here for the default keyboard shortcuts. In addition, we provide an interface files generator.

Interface files generator

You can generate interface files (rei & mli) right from your editor.

Via context menu

  • right click in buffer with .re/.ml file -> Generate Reason/OCaml interface
  • right click on .re/.ml file in tree view -> Generate Reason/OCaml interface
    You must click exactly on filename, not on the file's row.

Via command


No default keybinding is set, but it can be configured in your keymap.

'atom-workspace atom-text-editor:not([mini])':
  'ctrl-alt-g': 'ide-reason:generate-interface'
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