ReasonML language plugin for idea
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ReasonML language plugin for idea



❗️ This is a work in progress, the language has very basic - and partially implemented - functionalities.

This code might change quite a lot or break in the future. The project board should reflect what I'm working on.


  • Reason syntax, OCaml syntax (limited support), Dune syntax (limited support)
  • Structured view
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Line and block commenting
  • Code folding
  • Pair braces matcher
  • JSX completion
  • Bucklescript compiler integration
  • Reformat using refmt (press crtl alt shift R or ⌘⎇⇧R on Mac)
  • Reformat on save
  • Type annotation
  • Configuration through facet
  • Intentions (ReasonML): add braces to function, transform local open
  • Works natively on Windows

This plugin offer a lightweight integration for OCaml files, go to the wiki to see how to configure OCaml if you're not using bucklescript.

Make sure "namespace": false is set in bsconfig.json to enable inferred types hints in the editor.


Type annotations:


Reformat using refmt(3)


Bucklescript window



Advanced features, like syntax error highlighting or type annotations require the installation of Bucklescript.

See the wiki to see how to configure Bucklescript.

Local installation

  • Install bucklescript locally to your project using npm or yarn
  • Start idea

The plugin will find and use the binaries found in the node_modules/bs-platform directory.

Tip: if you can, prefer a local installation... you won't have to configure anything else

Global installation

  • Install bucklescript globally
  • Start idea
  • Set the path to bs-platform in the reason settings

Some live templates

List of templates that may help development.

abbrevation: jsp, description: create a jsProps in wrapReasonForJs


abbreviation: style, description: create a style module

module Styles = {
    open Css;
    let $VAR$ = style([

abbreviation: comp, description: create a reason component

let component = ReasonReact.statelessComponent("$NAME$");

let make = (~$PROP$, _children) => {...component, render: _self => <div />};
 JS interop
 expose an helper for js - can be deleted when no more used by javascript code
let jsComponent =
  ReasonReact.wrapReasonForJs(~component, jsProps =>
    make(~$PROP$=jsProps##$PROP$, [||])


  • Why don't you consider using Language Server Protocol ?

    Mainly because I want a strong integration in the IDE and I need a first class support of Windows.

  • What versions does the plugin support at the moment?

    It should work with idea 15

  • How is it different than ocaml language plugin?

    I wanted to have a plugin dedicated to reason and that's why I created one called reasonml, not ocaml. Then I realised that I still need ocaml support and that people are asking for it.

    I started this plugin by studying and copying parts of the ocaml plugin, but now the 2 projects are taking different orientations, technically.

    I am moving away from merlin and trying to use the most of Intellij structures.

    Now, they have incompatible implementations, and different goals.

How to help

  • Be patient
  • Give this project some love, star it or star the plugin page in intellij repository
  • Fill the github repo with specific issues
  • Donate using Liberapay Support my work


This project is heavily inspired by :