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Official Reason plugin for Sublime Text
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Sublime Text package for Reason

To have the complete Sublime Text Reason experience, there are two plugins to install: this one, and language-server.

This one provides syntax highlight, snippets for Reason and allows related features to recognize the Reason syntax.

Language-server provides all the others (autocompletion, type hint, jump-to-definition, etc.).

This Plugin's Installation

The plugin's published on Package Control.

  • Go to Command Palette (cmd-shift-p) -> Package Control: Install Package.
  • Choose "Reason".

Language Server Installation

See for language-server installation and configuration.

If you're doing native development, instead of reason-language-server, you can try ocaml-language-server.

Bonus Language Server Configuration

In addition to the installation & configuration above, you might want to set some extra keyboard shortcuts.

  • Go to Command Palette (cmd-shift-p) -> Preferences: Key Bindings

  • Add the following to your configuration:

      // ...whatevever config you had before
        "keys": ["super+alt+enter"],
        "command": "lsp_symbol_definition",
        "context": [
            "key": "selector",
            "operator": "equal",
            "operand": ["source.reason"]
        "keys": ["super+shift+c"],
        "command": "lsp_format_document",
        "context": [
              "key": "selector",
              "operator": "equal",
              "operand": ["source.reason"]

super means command on macOS, so you can do e.g. cmd-shift-c to format your Reason files.

Here are all the commands you can assign shortcuts to.

Develop This Package

Thanks for the help!

To test this package locally, do Preferences: Browse Packages and symlink this repo into Packages/User. Disable the existing Reason package, if any.

Install PackageDev, change whichever JSON file in the repo, then call PackageDev: Convert ... from the command palette and convert the file into the corresponding XML files.

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