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# This file is autogenerated for
# [Merlin](, a static analyser for
# OCaml that provides autocompletion, jump-to-location, recoverable syntax
# errors, type errors detection, etc., that your editor can use. To activate it,
# one usually provides a .merlin file at the root of a project, describing where
# the sources and artifacts are. Since we dictated the project structure, we can
# auto generate .merlin files!
# S is the merlin flag for source files
S src
# Include all the third-party sources too. You might notice that we've put a
# .merlin into each node_modules package. This is subtle; in short, it's to make
# jump-to-location work correctly in conjunction with our build & namespacing
# setup, when you jump into a third-party file.
S ./node_modules/**/src
# B stands for build (artifacts). We generate ours into _build
B ./_build/*
# PKG lists packages found through ocamlfind (aka findlib), a tool for finding
# the location of third-party dependencies. For us, most of our third-party deps
# reside in `node_modules/` (made visible to Merlin through the S command
# above); this PKG command is for discovering the opam/ocamlfind packages.
# FLG is the set of flags to pass to Merlin, as if it used ocamlc to compile and
# understand our sources. You don't have to understand what these flags are for
# now; but if you're curious, go check the that generated this
# .merlin at
FLG -w -30 -w -40 -open Top
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