Simplifies creating Ponymotes a lot
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A site made to help make BPM-compatible compact Reddit Ponymote CSS



It's just HTML, you can host it on a server, open it up locally or visit my website to use it


  1. Import and name all of your spritesheets by using the file picker under Motesheet upload
  2. Use the Add emote button to add an emote
  3. Fill out the fields:
    Name: Name of the emote
    Spritesheet: Spritesheet the emote is on
    Size: Size of the emote in pixels
    Offset: Offset of the sprite in either pixels or percentage
    Note: Offsets work kind of opposite as to how you might expect them to, eg to go one mote to the right you would use [-100%,0%]
    Tags: Tags your emote will have, seperated by commas (eg "+rainbowdash,+equestriagirls")
  4. Use either the Update button beside your emote or Update all button on the top to see a preview of how your emote will look like
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 until you have made all the emotes you wanted to
  6. Save the end result:
    Save CSS: Saves a CSS file, you can use the contents directly on Reddit without modifications
    Save tags: Saves a json file containing all the tags, give this to Typhos
    Save PMS: Saves a PMS (PonyMoteStudio) project file. For bigger projects, you can leave and later load this PMS file to continue work on your project


  • Shows filesize as red if it goes over Reddit's limit
  • Saving/loading to custom PMS file to continue work later on
  • Exports Reddit CSS and a json taglist
  • Does some weird magic to make the CSS file incredibly compact
  • Previews your motes
  • Runs directly in your browser, cross-platform
  • Probably runs on your grandma's Windows XP laptop
  • Probably runs on your weird Gentoo i3 setup too
  • Has all the features you would ever want from it (provided you can code and it's possible to do in HTML5/JS)

Features I wish we had (might be implemented in the future)

  • Uploading separate images and turning them into a spritesheet (could be done with a HTML5 canvas)