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%% TODO: rename FAIL to ABORT once we require at least R13B04 for
%% building rebar. Macros with different arity were not supported by the
%% compiler before 13B04.
-define(FAIL, rebar_utils:abort()).
-define(ABORT(Str, Args), rebar_utils:abort(Str, Args)).
-define(CONSOLE(Str, Args), io:format(Str, Args)).
-define(DEBUG(Str, Args), rebar_log:log(debug, Str, Args)).
-define(INFO(Str, Args), rebar_log:log(info, Str, Args)).
-define(WARN(Str, Args), rebar_log:log(warn, Str, Args)).
-define(ERROR(Str, Args), rebar_log:log(standard_error, error, Str, Args)).
-define(FMT(Str, Args), lists:flatten(io_lib:format(Str, Args))).
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