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Fix #176

Extend with regards to tests and credit.
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@@ -36,6 +36,37 @@ Do not commit to master in your fork.
Provide a clean branch without merge commits.
+As a general rule, any behavioral change to rebar requires a test to go with it. If there's
+already a test case, you may have to modify that one. If there isn't a test case or a test
+suite, add a new test case or suite in `inttest/`. [retest]( based tests are preferred, but
+we also have EUnit tests in `test/`.
+Say you've added a new test case in `inttest/erlc`. To only execute the modified suite,
+you would do the following:
+# First we build rebar and its deps to also get `deps/retest/retest`
+$ make debug deps
+# Now we can test the modified erlc suite
+$ deps/retest/retest -v inttest/erlc
+To test EUnit tests, you would do:
+$ make debug
+$ ./rebar -v eunit
+You can also run `make test` to execute both EUnit and [retest]( tests as `make check` does.
+To give everyone proper credit in addition to the git history, please feel free to append
+your name to `THANKS` in your first contribution.
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