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@saleyn saleyn referenced this pull request Jul 19, 2013

getopt #116




Please hold on applying this request - I have another getopt improvement pending: jcomellas/getopt#25.
Will submit an update when Juan applies it to his repos.


Why is the file not being required as a dependency? Is it a rebar policy to not fetch dependencies using rebar? (i understand that it could be an issue if rebar was broken, but could be easily solved using the last stable build, wouldn't it?)


@saleyn are we still waiting on this, or should we close this?


Yes, https://github.com/jcomellas promised to review the pull request jcomellas/getopt#25 a while back, but I haven't seen an update from him.

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Is this still needed? If so, please rebase and push so it can be merged cleanly.

saleyn added some commits Jun 14, 2014
@saleyn saleyn Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/rebar/rebar 916a883
@saleyn saleyn Added convenience parsing and checking getopt functions
See documentation of `Checking required options` and
`Converting parsed list of arguments to a record` sections here:

I rebased. Since you guys renamed original getopt to rebar_getopt module, it doesn't seem there is any more dependency on the jcomellas/getopt#25 pull request. It's up to you if you want to add this functionality to rebar_getopt, but I find it quite useful. Read "Checking required options" and "Converting parsed list of arguments to a record" in https://github.com/saleyn/getopt/blob/format_error/README.md.

@tsloughter tsloughter closed this Jun 15, 2014

@tsloughter why did you close this?


Hi, this issue was closed in an attempt to do quick basic filtering, with the benediction of rebar project owners. These issues and pull requests are not issues or code we're spitting on, but given the burden of the task and how much code rot may have happened since these were open is unknown from maintainers at this time. All tickets prior to March 2014 were closed and will be reopened on a per-request basis if we see interest from the reporter or contributor, or if some of the issues reported are still valid after the various patches that have made it since they were opened.

This is a fairly brutal first step to help us get a proper understanding of what is still valid or not, but that has been proven efficient in the past. Sorry for the inconvenience, things should go smoother from there on.


The new functionality looks useful to me for -j and -v, so once that patch has been merged (cc @jcomellas), we should update our copy.


It seems to me that there's no longer a need to wait for merging of the patch by jcomellas since rebar_getopt was renamed from getopt and now lives in rebar by its own. Though the proposed additions to getopt don't functionally add anything to rebar, they do add ability to validate options and throw exceptions, as well as convert the parsed options to a record for easier processing, which is something rebar could use at some point down the line.

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