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Feature: force protocol when getting dependencies #158

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Added because of not always being able to use certain protocols (mainly git) from corporate intranet. And dirtying dependencies by editing their configuration files is well, dirty.

To force ssh, http or https use force_protocol=Protocol.

In effect

                    rebar get-deps force_protocol=https

This looks fine, but can you add some eunits to test the regexes are behaving?


Also, why is this better than simply configuring git like this:

[url "ssh://"]
  insteadOf = git://
  insteadOf =
  insteadOf =

If, for example, I wanted to default to the ssh protocol on github?



It's not really; I did'nt know of the insteadOf option when writiing this.

So; Im closing this PR.

Thanks for replying :)

@dawik dawik closed this
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Commits on Oct 17, 2013
  1. @dawik
  2. @dawik
Commits on Oct 18, 2013
  1. @dawik

    That should cover it..

    dawik authored
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    dawik authored
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Showing with 30 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +30 −2 src/rebar_deps.erl
32 src/rebar_deps.erl
@@ -478,13 +478,41 @@ use_source(Config, Dep, Count) ->
"with reason:~n~p.\n", [Dep#dep.dir, Reason])
false ->
- ?CONSOLE("Pulling ~p from ~p\n", [, Dep#dep.source]),
{true, TargetDir} = get_deps_dir(Config,,
- download_source(TargetDir, Dep#dep.source),
+ {true, TargetUrl} = set_protocol(Config, Dep#dep.source),
+ ?CONSOLE("Pulling ~p from ~p\n", [, TargetUrl]),
+ download_source(TargetDir, TargetUrl),
use_source(Config, Dep#dep { dir = TargetDir }, Count-1)
+set_protocol(bzr, "ssh", Url) ->
+ re:replace(Url, "^.[^:]*","bzr+ssh",[{return,list}]);
+set_protocol(fossil, _Protocol, Url) ->
+ Url;
+set_protocol(git, Protocol, Url) ->
+ re:replace(re:replace(Url, "^.[^:]*",Protocol,[{return,list}]), ".git$", "",[{return,list}]);
+set_protocol(rsync, _Protocol, Url) ->
+ Url;
+set_protocol(svn, "ssh", Url) ->
+ re:replace(Url, "^.[^:]*","svn+ssh",[{return,list}]);
+set_protocol(_Cvs, Protocol, Url) ->
+ re:replace(Url, "^.[^:]*",Protocol,[{return,list}]).
+set_protocol({"default", Source}) ->
+ {true, Source};
+set_protocol({Protocol, {Cvs, Url}}) ->
+ {true, {Cvs, set_protocol(Cvs, Protocol, Url)}};
+set_protocol({Protocol, {Cvs, Url, Tag}}) ->
+ {true, {Cvs, set_protocol(Cvs, Protocol, Url), Tag}}.
+set_protocol(Config, Source) ->
+ Protocol = rebar_config:get_global(Config, force_protocol, "default"),
+ case lists:member(list_to_atom(Protocol), [default, http, https, ssh]) of
+ true -> set_protocol({Protocol, Source});
+ false -> ?ABORT("~p invalid option\n", [Protocol])
+ end.
download_source(AppDir, {hg, Url, Rev}) ->
ok = filelib:ensure_dir(AppDir),
rebar_utils:sh(?FMT("hg clone -U ~s ~s", [Url, filename:basename(AppDir)]),
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