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A Blog engine for me in Scala/Play/ReactiveMongo
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reblog: The blog engine for my very specific needs.

You do not really know a language unless you write a blog engine with it. -- me

reblog is a blog engine I wrote mostly for learning Scala/Play/ReactiveMongo. It did not take me a year to write but I did give a long break to development.


  • Uses MongoDB as backend (insert NoSQL joke here)
  • Allows you to use multiple tags and filter your articles based on these tags. (Wow, it's almost like 1999)
  • Supports articles in multiple languages (Currently limited to Turkish and English, you are welcome to hack in the support for more)
  • Supports entries in multiple formats (HTML, Markdown, ReStructuredText)
  • Does not include a single line of Javascript
  • Does not include any cookies, session etc...


  • Does not have any way of inserting new articles (I was too lazy for that)
  • Does not provide a way of serving static content (images etc...) but you should be using a normal web server for that kind of stuff anyway.
  • Does not provide a simple way of customizing the looks (you need to change the less file and rebuild the app for that)

This project is by no means complete or ready for production use and it probably will never be. I use it to run my own blog and if you like it you might want to give it a try too.

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