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⚛️ React primitive UI components built with styled-system.
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React primitive UI components built with Styled System.

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npm i rebass

Getting Started

import React from 'react'
import { Box, Heading, Button } from 'rebass'

export default props =>


  • Start your design system without boiling the ocean
  • Build consistent UI with design constraints and user-defined scales
  • Best-in-class developer ergonomics with Styled System props
  • First-class support for theming & fully compatible with Theme UI
  • Quick, mobile-first responsive styles with array-based syntax
  • Flexbox layout with the Box and Flex components
  • Flexibility built in for high design & development velocity
  • Minimal footprint at about 4KB

"One of the best React component libs out there"

Max Stoiber

"Rebass is the Bootstrap of React."

Jori Lallo

"A whopper component library built on styled-components. Responsive, systematic, scalable...the business!"

Colm Tuite


Rebass is intended to be:

  • Minimal
  • Useful
  • Unopinionated
  • Flexible
  • Consistent
  • Extensible
  • Themeable

Do one thing, and do it well

Unix philosophy

See Patterns for Style Composition in React for more on some of the thought behind Rebass.



Try it out:


Upgrading from v3

See the Migration Guide.

Previous Versions

Contributing | MIT License

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