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Mock national parks reservation site
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Module Capstone - National Park Reservations

As a development on a previous "National Park" web app project in our coding bootcamp (see the other National Park repo!), we expanded the functionality to link to a database.

Requirements (in broad strokes) included:

  • Display a list of parks, including a description and photo for each.
  • Each park should link to a campground list page, which includes details about each campground and a link to find availability for that campground.
  • The visitor's then taken to a search site where they can look for a site to reserve.
  • The user can enter search criteria into the system and get back a list of available sites matching those criteria along with a button to reserve that campsite. Sites are unavailable if there are existing reservations for the date range the user entered.
  • The user is then taken to a reservation form, and then to a confirmation page.

Since this wrapped up our current module, which covered postgreSQL, RDBMSs, and more, the key piece in this project was hooking up the web app to a database. The tables we used (and the Data Access Objects in our model) represented data about the parks, campgrounds, campsites, and reservations.

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