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#100DaysOfCode Log - Round 1 - [Rebeccode]

The log of my #100DaysOfCode challenge. Started on [January 19th, Saturday 2019].


R1D1 Saturday January 19th 2019

Today's Progress: Cloned the 100 Days of Code repository to my local machine. Working on the Odin Project Web Dev 101 - Dev Resources. I reviewed some things about using Dev Tools and did some code alongs.

Thoughts: JavaScript and debugging it with different breakpoints went a bit over my head. It seems quite complicated.

Link(s) to work: [Odin Lesson] Learned about Debugging JavaScript with breakpoints:

R1D2 Sunday January 20th 2019

Today's Progress: Working on Odin Project JavaScript fundamentals 3. Working on JavaScript functions. Went through some MDN tutorials and cloned the repository to my local machine to work on the code-alongs.

Thoughts: I can understand some bits of functions. The issue about scope (global and local scope for variables) makes sense.

Link(s) to work:

R1D3 Monday January 21st 2019

Today's Progress: Working on Odin Project JavaScript fundamentals 3. Working on JavaScript functions. Finished the required reading and made notes.

Thoughts: Found the tasks from really tough and couldn't solve some of them at all.

Link(s) to work:

R1D4 Tuesday January 22nd 2019

Today's Progress: Finished Odin Project JavaScript fundamentals 3. Made a new repository for building the rock, paper, scissors game for the next lesson of Odin.

Thoughts: Found the reading from days 1-3 made more sense today, and I solved the problems at the end of JavaScript fundamentals 3 quickly, so I feel good today!

Link(s) to work:

R1D5 Wednesday January 23rd 2019

Today's Progress: Working on coding the Rock, Paper, Scissors game task from the Odin Project. In an hour and a half I managed to write the computer play and the user play by myself (with a bunch of re-reading and googling) but without gooling "rock, paper, scissors" JavaScript.

Thoughts: Felt overwhelmed at first. But I broke it down and thought about what I wanted to do (like choose a random one from rock, paper or scissors) and what I know already and how to achieve it.

Link(s) to work:

R1D6 Thursday January 24th 2019

Today's Progress: Finished coding the Rock, Paper, Scissors game task from the Odin Project. In an hour and a half I managed to write the repeat 5 times function, the calculating score function, and get it all working.

Thoughts: Felt overwhelmed at first. But I broke it down and thought about what I wanted to do and what I know already and how to achieve it. Plus frantic googling about loops. I finally feel like something with JavaScript has clicked. And the pure focus I have for an hour an a half trying to do what I want to is really motivating for me.

Link(s) to work:

R1D7 Friday January 25th 2019

Today's Progress: Finished Web Dev 101 clean coding lesson on Odin and made notes. Reading up about JavaScript arrays.

Thoughts: Feel sleepy just reading articles on Friday night after work.

Link(s) to work:

R1D8 Saturday January 26th 2019

Today's Progress: Finished the reading about JavaScript arrays. Read about loops and doing the active learning tasks.

Thoughts: I knew a little about these topics already, but I understand them more now.

Link(s) to work:

R1D9 Sunday January 27th 2019

Today's Progress: Finished the tasks for Loops. It was tricky and I made a few mistakes, kept a record of them to review again later. I started the Test Driven Development part of the Odin lesson. Installed NPM, jasmine and node from the command line to run tests on JavaScript files I need to fix.

Thoughts: I feel like the JavaScript I write is always bad compared with the model answers. But that's part of learning!

Link(s) to work:

R1D10 Tuesday January 29th 2019

Today's Progress: Was ill with a migraine after work last night so I couldn't do anything. I'm back coding for an hour after work today. Made the "repeat string" code for JavaScript and tested it using Jasmine on the command line. Not sure if I did it right, so I asked a question in the Odin Project chatroom.

Thoughts: Definitely having 100 days of code as a motivator has made me come back today after being ill yesterday. Still unsure and feeling unconfident. JavaScript and the logic is not so intuitive to me, so I keep making silly mistakes. But I know it's part of learning.

Link(s) to work:

R1D11 Wednesday January 30th 2019

Today's Progress:

  • Reversed a string

Thoughts: Fit in studying between work and other commitments for an hour. It shows I can do it with a bit of forethought and planning! Felt good to figure out the JavaScript exercise much quicker than yesterday!

Link(s) to work:

R1D12 Friday February 1st 2019

Today's Progress: Stuck on JavaScript exercise about removing things from an array and making my code pass all the tests.

Thoughts: Learned a lot today but still super stuck. A bit frustrating but I'll keep working through it.

Link(s) to work:

R1D13 Saturday February 2nd 2019

Today's Progress: Super stuck on the same JavaScript exercise for a few hours. Looked in Odin forums and found I wasn't the only one. I learned more about the concepts involved, but I never would have been able to figure that out by myself. I solved the next problem super easily and quickly! Just shows how long it can take if I haven't got the core concepts of the problem down yet.

Thoughts: Learned a lot today. Feel like I want to make more progress more quickly, but get stuck so easily!

Link(s) to work:

R1D14 Sunday February 3rd 2019

Today's Progress: Moved on to DOM Manipulation using JavaScript today. Did the exercises about adding elements to the DOM and styling them.

Thoughts: I already forgot a lot of the things I'd learned with CSS and the ways to change styles. Reviewing often is so important!

Link(s) to work:

R1D15 Monday February 4th 2019

Today's Progress: Followed the tutorial from JavaScript 30 to make the drumkit. It was good to code along and I made a few mistakes which consolidated the structure of the code. I set up for creating my own UI for the rock, paper, scissors I coded before.

Thoughts: Wish I had more time in the day to code! Around 2 hours or so is not enough!

Link(s) to work:

R1D16 Tuesday February 5th 2019

Today's Progress: Editing JavaScript to make the rock, paper, scissors work. JavaScript logic working now with console.log - need to change to DOM methods to show the score on the webpage tomorrow.

Thoughts: Had a tiring day, so coding at night after work was rough.

Link(s) to work:

R1D17 Friday February 8th 2019

Today's Progress: Changed rock paper scissors consolelogs to to DOM methods to show the score on the webpage.

Thoughts: Last two days were busy and crazy with work. It was hard to get back into the code after two days away from it, but I managed to do what I wanted to today.

Link(s) to work:

R1D18 Saturday February 9th 2019

Today's Progress: Editing the rock-paper-scissors a little. Re-studying about responsive web design as I'm planning to make it look nicer with CSS next.

Thoughts: Enjoying coding and putting everything together without a tutorial or walkthrough.

Link(s) to work:

R1D19 Sunday February 10th 2019

Today's Progress: Added reset button to my JavaScript code for rock-paper-scissors, and editing the UI so it is responsive and viewable on mobile devices.

Thoughts: A long way to go, but I made progress today.

Link(s) to work:

R1D20 Monday February 11th 2019

Today's Progress: Still working on the JavaScript rock, paper, scissors. I need to work on the layout and design.

Thoughts: Making little bits of progress in the code, but I really need to push myself and focus!

Link(s) to work:

R1D21 Saturday February 16th 2019

Today's Progress: Started working on creating my own portfolio website.

Thoughts: I have to force myself to slow down, think, research and plan carefully before just trying to build! But it has been going well because of that. So much I have to learn!

Link(s) to work: None yet

R1D22 Sunday February 17th 2019

Today's Progress: Almost finished work on my portfolio website. It took many hours today, but I have my basic portfolio landing page looking the way I want. Did a quick Japanese translation. Going to tidy it up tomorrow!

Thoughts: Feeling good that I have put together a lot that I've learned so far.

Link(s) to work: None yet

R1D23 Monday February 18th 2019

Today's Progress: Portfolio website is LIVE! Can't believe the past three days have been crazy busy working on it, but I finally have it done!

Thoughts: Feeling great!

Link(s) to work:

R1D24 Tuesday February 19th 2019

Today's Progress: Updates and tweaks on portfolio. Watched the WTF is JavaScript workshop from Code Chrysalis and Krista Moroder. I really liked it. It was a nice review of JavaScript. I learned a bit more clearly about objects. I was impressed with the morse code converter.

Thoughts: Been a busy few days, so it was nice to recover a bit with more passive learning today by listening to a talk.

Link(s) to work:

R1D25 Wednesday February 20th 2019

Today's Progress: Back to working on my rock-paper-scissors. I'm hoping to finish it today so I can move on with the Odin project curriculum. Making my portfolio site helped me understand more about layout, but I haven't fully understood CSS layouts yet, so I have more to work on.

Thoughts: Had a productive day. And feeling like I'm making progress with the rock-paper-scissors. I need to really think through the layout I'm aiming for, and then work out how I can make it in CSS.

Link(s) to work:

R1D26 Thursday February 21st 2019

Today's Progress: Figuring out why my terminal had an error message "bash completion: command not found" and fixing it. Then reviewing the DOM Manipulation from Web Dev 101

Thoughts: Busy day at work and after work, so tried to fit in a bit of time, but not as much as I'd have liked to today!

Link(s) to work: