SOS system that sends a text message when the button on the MetaWear board is pressed
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SOS Trigger

SOSTrigger is an Android app that demos the MetaWear board and Android API. By using the API, the app will use the onboard button to send a text message a list of contacts when pressed.

#Build The app is build in Android Studio 1.1.0. The source code can be directly opened in the IDE by selecting the "Open an existing Android Studio project" item from the Quick Start menu


  1. Enter a contact name and select contact from the list of matches. Contacts can be removed by holding the names in the selected contacts list
  2. Configure what messages you want to send in the "Settings" menu
  3. Connect a MetaWear board to the app
  4. Send a text message to your contacts by either pressing the onboard button or shaking the board

#Questions or Comments If you have any questions or comments about the project, leave us a post on our community page