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Week 04

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Week 4 - October 02

In Class:

Stop Motion Pitch

  • The 12 Principles Presentation: 1 + 2. Squash + Stretch and Anticipation - Catherine + Ronaldo
  • Demo: How to Stop Motion w/ Onion Skinning
  • Intro to Video Editing w/ Adobe Premiere

** Class Notes


  1. In groups of two or three, pitch and workshop your stop motion project ideas.
  2. Download the Stop Motion App and start doing tests shoots.


  • Read: Understanding Comics Chapters 7-9
  • Share: Post a favorite image of a frame or page from Understanding Comics. Please take your photo into Photoshop and adjust before posting it on the wiki. Resize it, clean up the color
  • Do: Create a detailed Storyboard for your stop motion project. It must be physical – at least 10 frames and drawn or collaged on cards 5 x 7 inches or larger. Think about your characters actions as well as how you will set up your shots. If you can come up with a stop motion rig + start animating your project. Be prepared with materials to animate or video footage to edit next class.

Reading/Watching Response: The Making of the Nightmare Before Christmas

Krystal Response

Alana Response

Nava Response

Kenny (Seung) Response

Caridad Response

Gabriel Response

Karla- Response

Faith's Response

Munesh - Response

Marilyn - Response

Ronaldo - Response

Christina- Response

Nathaniel- Response

Nicholas- Response

Tamille- Response

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