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Week 04

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Week 04 - October 02

Video Portrait Studio

  • Screening: Film as Portrait
  • Video Demo
  • Intro to Adobe Premiere

Exercise - Video Portraits

** Class Notes


  • Read: In the Blink of An Eye -- Walter Murch, p. 21-72 (pdf pages: 13-38)
  • Write a blog post of 1-3 paragraphs reflecting on the Walter Murch text. Relate one or more of his editing concepts to something you watched this week. Please take screen shots to illustrate your ideas. Post a link to your blog entry by your name below.
  • Do: Take the images from your storyboard assignment onto a timeline in Premiere. Add a soundtrack to your story. Export the video as 1920 x 1080, upload it to Vimeo + post a link by your name below. Bring your classmate portrait footage to our next class on October 16.

Blog Entries + Storyboards w/ sound:

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