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Easy tab search & switching. This WebExtension provides a keyboard-accessible search interface for managing your open tabs.

Get it from Mozilla Addons!



Shortcut Description
Win/Linux: Ctrl + Shift + F / Mac: Cmd + Shift + L Toggle extension
Enter Open selected tab or first in list if not selected
Select previous tab
Select next tab
Ctrl + Backspace Delete a tab
Alt + R Refresh tab
Alt + P Pin tab
Ctrl + C Copy Tab URL
Alt + Shift + D Delete all duplicate tabs
Alt + M Mute (only if tab is audible)


These instructions should get you up to compiling with and/or developing with the source. If you just want to use the extension and are on Firefox, you should get the extension from AMO.

Compiling the source requires node.js.

Step 0: If you plan on sending pull-request, you should fork the repository.

Step 1: Clone the TabSearch repository.

git clone

If you forked the repo, just replace the clone url with your own.

Step 2: Navigate to the root of the directory you cloned and install the required dependencies.

npm install

Step 3: You'll need to compile the changes from src/ into the dist/ folder. The following scripts are available to help with this

# Starts a live server watching for changes in `src/` and outputs them to `dist/`
# NOTE: Need to restart this command if changing one of the manifest files
npm start

# Opens Firefox with add-on installed from the files in `dist/`, automatically reloads the extension on each change found in `dist/`
npm run watch:firefox

Step 4: Build for production

npm run build:firefox

If you want to build or watch for Chrome just use start:chrome or build:chrome instead. This just changes the manifest.json file so it doesn't raise any errors. There's no watch command for Chrome yet.