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Title: "Various function! related tools"
Author: "Boleslav Březovský"
Note: {
For details about these functions, see my articles:
`apply`, `ufc` -
`dispatcher` -
actions: has [
"Return block of all actions"
result: []
if empty? result [
result: collect [
foreach word words-of system/words [
if action? get/any word [keep word]
op: func [
"Defines op! with given spec and body"
spec [block!]
body [block!]
make op! func spec body
; --- get arity and refinements ------------------------------------------------
arity?: func [
"Return function's arity" ; TODO: support for lit-word! and get-word! ?
fn [any-function!] "Function to examine"
/local result count name count-rule refinement-rule append-name
result: copy []
count: 0
name: none
append-name: quote (repend result either name [[name count]][[count]])
count-rule: [
some [
word! (count: count + 1)
| ahead refinement! refinement-rule
| skip
refinement-rule: [
set name refinement!
(count: 0)
parse spec-of :fn count-rule
do append-name
either find result /local [
head remove/part find result /local 2
refinements?: func [
"Return block of refinements for given function"
fn [any-function!] "Function to examine"
/local value
parse spec-of :fn [
collect [some [set value refinement! keep (to word! value) | skip]]
; --- unified function call syntax ---------------------------------------------
ufcs: func [
"Apply functions to given series"
series [series!] "Series to manipulate"
dialect [block!] "Block of actions and arguments, without first argument (series defined above)"
/local result action args code arity refs ref-stack refs?
result: none
code: []
until [
; do some preparation
clear code
action: take dialect
arity: arity? get action
args: arity/1 - 1
refs: refinements? get action
ref-stack: clear []
refs?: false
unless zero? args [append ref-stack take dialect]
; check for refinements
while [find refs first dialect][
refs?: true
ref: take dialect
either path? action [
append action ref
action: make path! reduce [action ref]
unless zero? select arity ref [
append ref-stack take dialect
; put all code together
append/only code action
append/only code series
unless empty? ref-stack [append code ref-stack]
series: do code
empty? dialect
ufc: function [
"Apply functions to given series"
data [series!] "Series to manipulate"
dialect [block!] "Block of actions and arguments, without first argument (series defined above)"
foreach [cmd args] dialect [
data: apply get cmd head insert/only args data
; --- apply function -----------------------------------------------------------
apply: func [
"Apply a function to a block of arguments"
fn [any-function!] "Function value to apply"
args [block!] "Block of arguments (to quote refinement use QUOTE keyword)"
/local refs vals val
refs: copy []
vals: copy []
set-val: [set val skip (append/only vals val)]
parse args [
some [
'quote set-val
| set val refinement! (append refs to word! val)
| set-val
do compose [(make path! head insert refs 'fn) (vals)]
map: func [
"Apply code over block of values"
/local f
data: copy data
f: get take code
forall data [
data/1: apply :f compose [(first data) (code)]
map-each: func [
collect [
until [
set :word first series
keep do code
series: next series
tail? series
; --- make default value of given type -----------------------------------------
make-type: func [
"Return default value of given type"
type [datatype! block!] "Type of value or (TODO) dialect specs"
/local species easy-pick length random-string
species: 1 ; 1 - default, 2 - random
length: 8 ; default length for random strings
if block? type [
parse type [
['random (species: 2) set type skip]
; TODO: support multiple values and blocks of values
easy-pick: func [block index][
either block? block [pick reduce block index][block]
random-string: func [
"Return random string"
; TODO: support description dialect
collect/into [loop length [keep #"`" + random 26]] copy {}
easy-pick switch to word! type [
datatype! [
reduce [
first random collect [
foreach word words-of system/words [
if datatype? get/any word [keep word]
unset! [[<TODO> <TODO>]]
none! [none]
logic! [reduce [true first random [true false]]]
block! [[[foo #bar "baz"] <TODO>]]
paren! [[(foo #bar "baz") <TODO>]]
string! [reduce ["foo" random-string length]]
file! []
url! []
char! [[#"x" random 1FFFFFh]]
integer! [[0 random 2147483647]] ; TODO: also negative integers and switch in dialect for it
float! [[0.0 random 1.797693134862315e308]]
word! ['foo]
set-word! [reduce [quote foo: to set-word! random-string length]]
lit-word! [reduce [quote 'foo to lit-word! random-string length]]
get-word! [reduce [quote :foo to get-word! random-string length]]
refinement! [reduce [/foo to refinement! random-string length]]
issue! [reduce [#foo to issue! random-string length]]
native! [<TODO>]
action! [<TODO>]
op! [<TODO>]
function! [<TODO>]
path! [quote foo/bar/baz]
lit-path! [quote 'foo/bar/baz]
set-path! [quote foo/bar/baz:]
get-path! [quote :foo/bar/baz]
routine! [<TODO>]
bitset! [reduce [charset "bar" charset random-string length]]
point! [<TODO>]
object! [<TODO>]
typeset! [<TODO>]
error! [<TODO>]
vector! [make vector! [integer! 8 10]]
hash! [make hash! [foo bar baz]]
pair! [reduce [0x0 random 2147483647x2147483647]]
percent! [reduce [0% random 1.797693134862315e308%]]
tuple! [reduce [0.0.0 random 255.255.255]] ; TODO: support different length
map! [#(foo: bar)]
binary! [#{deadcafe}]
time! [11:22:33]
tag! [<foo>]
email! [foo@bar.baz]
handle! [<TODO>]
date! [27-2-2011]
] species
; --- dispatch function --------------------------------------------------------
dispatcher: func [
"Return dispatcher function that can be extended with DISPATCH"
spec [block!] "Function specification"
func spec [
case []
dispatch: func [
"Add new condition and action to DISPATCHER function"
dispatcher [any-function!] "Dispatcher function to use"
cond [block! none!] "Block of conditions to pass or NONE for catch-all condition (forces /RELAX)"
body [block! none!] "Action to do when condition is fulfilled or NONE for removing rule"
/relax "Add condition to end of rules instead of beginning"
/local this cases mark penultimo
cases: second body-of :dispatcher
penultimo: back back tail cases
unless equal? true first penultimo [penultimo: tail cases]
if cond [bind cond :dispatcher]
if body [bind body :dispatcher]
this: compose/deep [all [(cond)] [(body)]]
case [
all [not cond not body not empty? penultimo][remove/part penultimo 2] ; remove catch-all rule (if exists)
all [not body mark: find/only cases cond][remove/part back mark 3] ; remove rule (if exists)
all [not cond true = first penultimo][change/only next penultimo body] ; change catch-all rule (if exists)
not cond [repend cases [true body]] ; add catch-all rule
mark: find/only cases cond [change/part back mark this 3] ; change existing rule (if exists)
relax [insert penultimo this] ; add new rule to end
'default [insert cases this] ; add new rule to beginning
; --- function constructors --------------------------------------------
dfunc: func [
"Define function with default values for local words"
; format for default values is [set-word: value] after /local refinement
; it's possible to mix normal words (without default value) and set-words
local: copy []
locals: copy #()
if mark: find spec /local [
parse next mark [
some [
set word set-word!
set value skip (
append local to word! word
locals/:word: value
| set word word! (append local word)
remove/part mark length? mark
append spec compose [/local (local)]
foreach word words-of locals [
insert body reduce [to set-word! word locals/:word]
func spec body