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LICENSE Minor edits Jan 6, 2019

OpenSim Full Body Model with Python

This project extends Full Body Model for use in Dynamic Simulations of Human Gait with Python scripts which are equivalent to the Matlab scrips provided with the model.

This Python code was derived from the original Matlab code, and the names of scripts, the comments, and the names of variables were preserved where possible.

The scripts were tested on Xubuntu 16.04.5 LTS 64


  • opensim installed and added to the Path
  • Python 2 installed
  • Python packages:
    • os
    • subprocess
    • numpy
    • scipy
    • matplotlib
    • pandas
    • StringIO
    • opensim

Note: All required Python dependencies (except for opensim) are included in the Anaconda platform.

How to Use

Download the model from the repository (registration required): Extract files to a directory

Clone this project or download its zip and extract it.

Copy Python dir to the model's directory Your directories should look like:

  • SimulationDataAndSetupFiles
    • CMC
    • ExpData
    • Geometry
    • ID
    • IK
    • Python
    • RRA
    • Scale
    • scripts
    • videos

Go to the Python dir and run scripts from there. Instructions are the same as for the original Matlab scripts.

Note: Two .mat files from the distribution were converted to tab-delimited text files: emg_run.txt and emg_walk.txt.

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