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Rebus is a lean service bus implementation for .NET, similar in nature to NServiceBus and MassTransit, only leaner.
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Rebus 2

"As friendly as machinely possible."

NOTE: This is Rebus2 - if you've used Rebus before up until version 0.84.0, you will experience a minor bump in the road when you update to 0.90.0, which functions as the beta versions until Rebus 2.0.0 is ready!

Moreover - since the wiki actually contains quite a bit of content - please be patient until the content has been updated to reflect Rebus 2 :)

Bedford OB

install from nugetdownloads


Rebus is a lean service bus implementation for .NET, similar in nature to NServiceBus and MassTransit, only leaner.

These are the goals - Rebus should have:

  • a simple and intuitive configuration story
  • a few well-selected options
  • no doodleware
  • dependency only on .NET 4.5
  • integration with external dependencies via small and dedicated projects
  • the best error messages
  • a frictionless getting-up-and-running-experience

and in doing this, Rebus should align very well with the NServiceBus way of doing things, which I like, thus allowing users (myself included) to easily migrate to NServiceBus at some point in a project's lifetime if Rebus for some reason falls short (which I don't think it will).

Oh, and Rebus is free as in beer and speech.


Because I wanted to build the .NET service bus that I would have the patience to work with every day, probably for several years to come. And I can be very impatient with my tools, so the most solemn goal of Rebus is that it should stay out of my way - and I think it does that just right!

If you want to read more, check out the official Rebus documentation wiki or check out my blog.

One day, maybe I'll tweet something as well... @mookid8000


Rebus is a simple .NET library, and everything revolves around the RebusBus class. One way to get Rebus up and running, is to manually go

var bus = new RebusBus(...);
bus.Start(1); //< 1 worker thread

// use the bus for the duration of the application lifetime

// remember to dispose the bus when your application exits

where ... is a bunch of dependencies that vary depending on how you want to send/receive messages etc. Another way is to use the configuration API, in which case you would go

var someContainerAdapter = new BuiltinHandlerActivator();

for the built-in container adapter, or

var someContainerAdapter = new AdapterForMyFavoriteIocContainer(myFavoriteIocContainer);

to integrate with your favorite IoC container, and then

    .Logging(l => l.Serilog())
    .Transport(t => t.UseMsmq("myInputQueue"))
    .Routing(r => r.TypeBased().MapAssemblyOf<SomeMessageType>("anotherInputQueue"))

// have IBus injected in application services for the duration of the application lifetime

// let the container dispose the bus when your application exits

which will stuff the resulting IBus in the container as a singleton and use the container to look up message handlers. Check out the Configuration section on the official Rebus documentation wiki for more information on how to do this.


Rebus is licensed under The MIT License (MIT). Basically, this license grants you the right to use Rebus in any way you see fit. See for more info.

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